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Hello lovelies…

As I promised, Here I am actualizing!!!! Today’s post is going to be a tad personal. Like I said in  my last post HEALING IN THE PROVERBIAL DRESS! Check it out and let’s get sharing!!

This week I have been caught up in the wind and fierce courage of my thoughts and after mastering both, I came up with this post. It was not an easy one to come by because I was relying heavily on my daily inspiration. I have had tough lessons on trusting in God but I guess It fell between the cracks, that even for “inconsequential” things like blog  content, Trusting in Him does matter. He is a jealous God. I fear Him.

Life is a roller coaster. It could be beautiful, it could be ugly but then it depends on which side life affects you; With Christ or without Him. The beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder depending on whose Image we see in ourselves.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetThe eye is an expressive mechanism in my opinion. Why? Because despite being a simple organ, it speaks volumes. The eye can express disgust for the fickleness or the harsh, disrelishing smell of coffee(not true by the way) or smile at the smell of the soil on an earthy day. The eye can shower In it’s waters when the heart chooses to brim with gladness or when discomfited solitude overtakes the soul.

The eye is a simple organ that can cause hurt or pain. I believe for the female gender, the truth of this could be overbearing. I am not too sure of the women in the Western countries, I would rather tread on my African roots to elucidate this fact. To be honest, I think eye-rolling originated in Africa. Being born and raised in diverse African cultures where the woman’s strength was disregarded, it is not rare to find women with a “twisted almost petrifying” kind of strength. But isn’t it the story of many women? Situations of life and experiences during their mushrooming have sadistically destroyed their ability to love and be ‘lady-like” and it could be worse.  I have been blessed and fortunate to find healing in the hands of a man and woman who carry God because I was once that woman. Sources of healing remain various, I have come to learn that God has the choice where yours is.


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Do not procrastinate. Do not be ignorant. Time flies quicker over the wings of a barn stormer  parallel to the eagle. Keep your eyes open rather than shut. Do not be afraid to ask. Lessons can be taught even by the nuisance of a five year-old. Ask The Lord to open the eyes of your heart; with the physical eye, it’s way easier to miss something. Ask The Lord to open the eyes of your heart, because depth of relationship with Him only exists in the secret place. Moreover, there’s still so much that you just DON’T know.

Rise early and retire later. Reflect on the past, the present and future but do not linger there too long. ACT on your dreams and be determined to be better than yesterday. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. (My  sister once passionately shared with me). I forgot but today I remembered and that’s fine. Learn to believe you will be alright. Learn to say that you will be up to scratch even when it does not feel like today. Faith is a gentle activator of God’s blessings hidden in the wings of The Holy Spirit, hidden yet so easily accessible. All that Is required is asking; Once activated, it feels like sweet honey comb on your tongue. It feels so GOOD!!

Learn to open your eyes to the endless possibilities floating around. The Lord actually disseminates ideas. Do not be stuck up on your office job or whatever comfort zone. See FAR…

See your beauty in the mirror. Look at your flaws and revel In the beauty of them. Those are the elements that make you ever unique, and no one can make them manifest better than you.

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Open your eyes!! Keep your head up and shoulders straight. Allow The Glory of Christ to reflect off your visage. Let your countenance be seen by them who do not believe, that even they could reconsider their election as to why they did not believe from the beginning. Pull that light from under your bed and place it by your bedside. Better yet carry it in your hands so that the creatures of the earth could see your Why. One day, they will thank you. Even if they don’t, It’s okay. In the libraries of heaven, your full names have been perpetually embossed.

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Laugh and sparkle like the alluring fire-fly!No matter how much they try to shut their perspective, they will have to see what He is doing in your life. The light will shine brighter even with their eyes closed.


Always Love and Light






Hello lovelies!!! I am fully aware that this post has seemingly been long -drawn- out but here- we are!!! This sunshine on a popsicle has been going through various life changes from working out my salvation, gaining new wings and moving out of home, trying out the ketogenic diet, etc. Big flop by the way but I still laugh at myself and pick myself up from time to time.. but that is another story for another day.

Recently, I ventured into the fashion scene. (Claps for Self).  This was a God-move,  very much encouraged to pursue and which was a passion of mine growing up in the nineties in Nairobi and a complete trajectory from my legal roots however not abandoned. I was always keen on the latest fashion trends and always felt extra rocking pieces that were yet to be “new arrivals”. The passion has since turned into a business and walking boots in tow. Welcome into my world as I share JESUS, My journey , discoveries, lessons, stories and experiences with you. I am so Excited.

How about you sit down, grab yourself a hot mug of caffeine and Let me tell you the story of Africa..

Africa for a long time has been considered a continent plagued with corruption, contests and obstacle. She has been tainted and marred with numerous accusations of how unworthy she was. A continent painted black recognized as “melanin”, humans demeaned to animals who needed to be tamed by its owners. The colonizer, He was named. The African was not sure what to make of Him so the indigenous people populated across her chest coined various titles for Him. In my country Kenya, they called Him “Mzungu”. Why the name? Because all He was known for is “Kuzunguka”(wanderer).

The colonizer was recognized as the emblem of inhumanity to the dark continent. Till today, His ills and evils are remembered far and wide. Tales and horrors of his reign are still told. History reports him because many till today bear the scars of the terrors past.

This dark story holds even today for the nation of Namibia, The tribe of the Herero. Stumbling upon the story of this primordial community, felt like a gusty wind of revelation that there are African nations that have actually healed from the fetters of racial segregation & colonialization and have sought to move forward like the Herero community.

The Herero community like many other tribes, faced great tribulation under the German colony. The colonialists baying for their blood committed atrocities against the Herero tribe including rape and mass executions of children by hanging. History whispers that between the era of 1904-1907, 70% of the Herero tribe had been annihilated and neared extinction.

I have come to learn that history can either be good where memories linger but hope remains or bad, where History is a caldera of pain; and this unfortunately is so for many African countries who are yet to find true healing and forgiveness.

Fortunately, this is not the case for the Herero tribe of Namibia. The Herero took the shackles of their imprisonment and made silver articles for jewelry. They took the garments of their oppressors and the widespread tyrannical rule ; drawing inspiration for their day to day dress. They chose to maneuver through the psychological distress and pain, forging on as they reclaimed their identity as Namibia.

The dress has become emblematic of their persona and heritage; and it is not surprising to find the old adorning themselves in the dress and the young women hankering after the opportunity to bedizen themselves in the one of a kind herero attire which is a rite of passage.

The dress is an immaculate vision of the Victorian style of the 1930’s with the puffy sleeves and A-line shaped skirt. However, modern Namibian fashion designers are modernizing the dress with the “new generation woman” in mind. Designers are opting for flamboyant fabrics and out of the box designs yet still paying homage to the dress. The herero attire is not limited to the ladies, but also the men have embraced the norm.

Beyond the carry-on of the dress and its symbolism, I believe  this African story is a lesson to us to see past the veil or better yet, remove it and re-write a new story of hope. Veils of turmoil and hardship that have scourged the African continent for decades. Veils that have lingered in the hearts of the people of Africa who still remember to this day. The day and age is ripe. It is time to forgive them.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.. Before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5


Forever Love and Light





Hello my faithful readers, bloggers, and yes.. my random visitors, I see you! I know it’s been a minute since i posted and it is indeed regrettable. Do not throw rocks at me. ;D

However, i am elated to share with you what God has graciously placed on my heart. Recently, i realized that God has been leading me through, a somewhat different direction especially with regards to my writing. I find my content sounding more poetic than usual, and i believe it is for good reason.My prayer is that with every post, someone will be lifted, inspired, blessed and rise up from their ashes. Ashes take many forms and shades, but that does not matter because ashes in the palms of Jesus metamorphose into blooming roses. Now, that doesn’t mean i have abandoned the original arrangement and/or format, this is just my act of obedience.

I’ve always said that Jesus IS the most romantic person i have ever known. This is evident in the way i catch a serious case of the heebie-jeebies when i read about Him in the gospels. He just has a way with his words, how else would you explain how the Pharisees would switch to mute when He spoke? I love the Jackie-Hill Perrys’ of this world, but no one comes close to Jesus. He is the original Poet, and being around Him, no doubt has left a few punch-line marks which i will be expressing soon enough.

This piece appeals to the heart that is distracted. The individual who seems overtaken and keen to forget the finished works of the cross. It is a word for you to keep your focus, maintain your walking shoes even when your tempted to jump ship, keep your head up and your eyes fixed on Him, because His are on you.



Just remind me in case i forget. Just in case my mind slips into the Grecian arenas of amnesia. Just in case my will insists to assault the memories of your faithfulness; to sit obstinately that only my will and not yours be done.

Some days ebb out of the vapors of contrition, which unfortunately seemed closed off to my tongues distaste, i remain tempted to refrain into accapellas of self blame and jails of solitary confinement, disdain for the way life has chosen to up in arms struggle, regrouping to the right heart chamber instead of my left.

My arteries, still remain clogged with the blood clots, frustrating the opening of those ancient gates that the King of Glory may finally come in. A nerve-wracking battle to finally sanction the King’s will to flow yet again through my aorta; not willing to huff and puff, or exhale and breathe in His everlasting air, that clears away my heavily obstructed , abstract windpipes. I did not know breath until He broke through and breathed into mine.

I confess, it is a struggle Lord ; and i know i speak for many people; many sit like cats wrapped in cotton balls in such seasons; where they have not found their feet yet deep-rooted like Sycamore trees, Like Zacheaus..please, you cannot compete with this! They lift up their hands like half-mast flags because they still mourn the loss of their Living King. They hold up picket signs in demonstration of their lack luster frustration, hoping to resurrect the fallen Dr.King as if He can yet march down the streets where Rosa Parked. It is as if Malcolm X could yet again resurrect to say that it would be criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when He is the constant victim of brutal attacks.

With their backs against the wall, they still hope to make a come-back, they still have a dream that they will one day find their identity, identified in their desire to search for worldly things because The world is their comfort zone, their only home. But yet… I..

I still have memories cast in stone, head-phones on the low as i quietly reminisce about the one true Dr and King who lifted up heavy burdens of thankless generations birthed and still oscillating in their mother’s wombs. He lifted up heavy planks carved using weird configurations that resembled the silhouette of a cross. He faced the lashes and back-lashes of bloody executioners unaware of the power that stained their hands. They had inhaled the fallen nature of that fallen angel. Unaware, that they too had fallen. Yet here came a whiff of redemption.. a rare chance of Salvation.

And as He hung there, his blood-shot eyes soaked with the love for his Creation. He was filled with endearment towards their re-generation, as yet again, He had finished his mission; just to be the ultimate and final hero standing, deserving of the “S” on his chest. I said..Finally deserving of the “S” on his chest.. The true Original. The one and only Superhero.

Then .. My Master’s breath finally gave way. Gave way to victories written in the walls of heaven and gorily echoed in the temple of the abyss; the story where He tugged and yanked the keys of Humanity’s authority from that devil; and only them that accept Him as their savior and King have the rare privilege to be snagged in the latest designer collection only known in heavenly runways; feigning the title, “The Armor of Christ” featuring the breast-plate of salvation.

He reigns now… He reigns in glory, sitting gloriously at His Father’s right hand; as he prepares to come down one final time for us. He is currently engaged in state of the art architecture, creating mansions only measured as a whirlwind fascination; but one day soon, we will get to behold his art. He will come and bring them into the realm of his glory where their mortal bodies will finally have the strength to contain it. In that place where there will be no weeping or gnashing of teeth.

Therefore i choose to remember,lest i forget the banner that covers me today is your love. It is your passion to see me live out your original plan. I, your princess.. yet you remain my one and only King and friend.

To this day, the echo of that memory upsets the heart beat of my heart, call it cardiac arrhythmia, yet no pace-maker can regulate. Only your heart beat Lord that keeps mine awake. Therefore, remind me, when my heart flutters and attempts to stage a coup, to dictate the direction of my spasmodic emotions; remind me that you won it all. Indeed, you have won me.

Love and Sunshine






I speak to Mary, graced with dark hues of glory, i speak to Mary who hides herself in the bossom of emptiness, believing that is her destiny . The essence of she is womanhood. Womanhood goes beyond breasts and curves. Others might love to think so but I beg to differ. Womanhood is more than just painted nails and designer handbags. Womanhood is the glory on our heads, the kindness in our voices. it is about the love in our arms when we hug others. When we let  others feel the love beating in our chests.

I am saying to you Mary, we are about the smiles on our faces. You bring light and joy when you enter the room, clear evidence that Christ has made you his humble abode. There is a grace about you Mary. A grace that cannot be precisely described but it’s all over you. It is an unreserved glory. It is a grace that I haven’t seen on other women. You must be the bride that Solomon was talking about. You cannot be compared to others, wouldn’t that be a disgrace?


Mary, you have a way with your words. So careful and meticulous. Words so carefully crafted as if with vivid intention to create a lasting impression on the recipient. Young or old, your words are laced with a concoction so aromatic, even the least of them begs to hear. Words laced with profound wisdom. Sitting at the highest places in the town, your influence is well known, nothing gory to the details, but the impact of your words to the lives of the people around is worth taking note.


Charm is deceptive but a woman that fears The Lord is to be praised. This golden cloth you adorn yourself so beautifully. I genuinely cannot help but keep on staring and looking. The glory of The Lord upon you is so enticing, so attractive. I cannot help but commend God because such a worthy vessel you are that He chose to use you to represent his glory here in this dark earth. Your worth Mary is far more precious than rubies.You have taken your seat amongst the rarest of gems The Lord has ever created. You sit with the highest of the highest, yet you treat the lowest of the lowest even much more highly. Daily, we read of you. We hear of you. Nothing gory to the detail, all things bright and beautiful.

Mary, your beauty cannot be explained. Even as you carry along with that beauty resting on your insides. Well covered up on the outside but then again, you cannot hide. As you subconsciously seek to conceal him, all a matter of motherly instinct. A tongue twisting episode you have come to, though i know troubling. How is it, yet you know no man? I’m just speaking as an outsider, no experience to my name. But I ask myself. amidst all the chaos, are you knowing or merely oblivious of the one you carry within you? Have you chosen to be ignorant of the disposition of the being that you are about to bring forth into this world?


Have you considered his shape or frame? Maybe she will carry your nose or your dainty thin fingers; i don’t know Mary, but have you considered it? Do you know the strength of your loved one, his countenance. I tend to think He will be strong-willed, very patient and loving.  I believe He will have a beautiful mind, a strong heart, quiet spirit and wisdom that surpasses Solomon. Maybe more.. but i think i am close.

As you stare at your reflection in the mirror, the imminent kicking of your little one resounding through your abdomen, tell me Mary have you considered what He will be? A professor, an engineer, a musician? Maybe the President. What was your request to the King when you met Him? Others have asked that their sons sit on the right and on the left of Him. Some considered it indignant but don’t we have the liberty to ask the King for anything we desire when He specifically says.. “Ask and it shall be given?”

Do not be surprised by my sentiments Mary , neither carry yourself defensive but if we serve The King, we must embrace him and his embodiments.  Have you then asked The King whom you carry? In your inner portions lie a progeny whose beating heart resonates to yours.


Because I have heard that it was told of old, in hush whispers, He would be the living water. He would be a never ending stream of refreshing open to one and all , only if you would care to take a sip. Your life would never be the same. I heard he would be the Savior of the universe. He would be the liberator to the captives. Yes, even to the last generation, i heard that his name would resound. His Spirit would be poured out to all flesh. Daughters and sons would speak in unknown languages and speak of mysteries only heaven’s walls would care to know.

I heard that his name would be the truth. That in his veins would course embers of honesty and plain truth. His lips would be filled with wisdom that surpassed that of age. His eyes would be fiery, peeking right through the dirty window panes of our souls.Many will try to paint him but have yet to achieve his likeness.


But then Mary, did you know, the nails that would be driven in his hands? The horror of his scarification, all for the sake of humanity. Did you know, that you would not recognize Him? His death would symbolize the beginning of life for them that believe. Yes, his friend Judas, will be his betrayer but he too would receive his just reward. He is a reckless romantic, one who just cannot be held. Not even your loving arms Mary can suffice. His greatness, his love cannot be fitted. It bursts forth and through barriers and barricades, sweeping over  and through everything in its way.

I just pray you do, before you are overtaken.  Before time slips through your chips fingers.

Love and Sunshine





First off, this is not your usual blog post. Neither is it another vlog from one of your home girls,

I just had to say  a few things.. If you will let me. See, Who will continue on? Long after the warfare continues to dawn, after the Lord’s generals have rested with The Lord? See, we have become complacent. So used to being spoon-fed, constantly being led. Lazy David in training.

We are so comfortable dragging the servants of God along in our messes, long after they have taught us the art of overcoming the evil one. We still behave as if the day or the hour will not come.. soon enough, my friend, soon enough.

Who will continue on? See, they tried to drag David along in the battle, but He was too weak to fight. Come on now? how many years had he been in the fight? How many days, weeks, hours together with you Israel? How many wars have you seen him fight and win? How many have you stood in the battle in? Yet you still want to drag your master along?

Why so comfortable? Why so comfortable? Haven’t you fed enough already? Haven’t you eaten the plunder silly? Haven’t you caused enough drama … sorry.. trouble already? First it was you Absalom, then now it is you Joab?

Israel, why are you not learning your lesson? You should be his support and not his downfall. Israel, get off the couch before i slap you silly! Have you not considered the future? Your nursing children will soon be walking, running, leaping! What do you have to show for all your lessons? And for all your muscle?


They have stepped into this ugly, cold world. Look into their eyes…. Take a look into their eyes, Israel as you kiss them goodbye; As you take up your sickle, waving goodbye as He goes. What have you left behind? Who will speak for you Israel?

Did He watch you go into battle with your general David? Did you let him hold the sword with you in the battle? Did he watch you ash your knees in dirt? Did He watch you cry, weep, wail, lie prostrate , crying out to the heavens? Did he watch you clothe yourself in sackcloth and ashes? Israel… did He?

Or did he watch you become a spitting image of the crow. Did he watch hatred and bitterness become your inner core? Israel, did he watch you complain and wallow in the sea of your disdain? Did he watch you open your mouth and watch a bed of roses seamlessly entwine onto the heart of that lowly fellow? Or did he see those words crush him into the lowliest of widows?

See, Israel your words, your thoughts, your actions. The future is watching. The future is not watching the bible. You are the canvass that they wait on as it unravels. Who holds the brush Israel? or do you paint yourself? Is that even humanly possible? Have you stepped out of the Great painter’s hand? Is he still interested in you Israel? or has he began another project? because he projects there is…. no future, no hope in you Israel. Have you asked yourself if that is indeed the state? What about him whom you said your goodbyes to? when you held your sickle, thinking it will only be a few. I’ll be back soon.


I REALLY need to go now…. by the way this emanated from 2nd Samuel 21:15-22. Who will take over from you? A generation comes after you. Will they find you still attempting to find your footing; tip toeing here and there? Will they find you solid. A real genuine reflection of the Christ that you serve. His imminent nature already ingrained. Maybe with a little scarring? But then again,  what’s wrong with scars? The Lord bears them to this day. When you hold your little one in your hands, and as he peers intently into your knowing eyes. As he looks at your beautiful scars almost bemused, your smile will assure him that it was all worthwhile.


Love and Light



PS- Check out my last post here. Happy reading. 🙂





Hello… *waves hysterically* and thanks for taking the time to read this post. 🙂 . I pray you will be encouraged and lifted in your Spirit.

It’s been a while since i poured out my thoughts on this forum.  Well, The Lord has been given me deep revelation reading the story of David from 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel, but before i do, let me give you a short run through. It’s amazing this man David! The Lord prepared Him for Kingship from the wilderness as he tended to His father’s sheep, where He faced lions and bears. Little did he know the battles that He would face later on in His life. As time goes on, we see The Lord dealing pruning him and dealing with his character, all in a bid to prepare him to take the position of Kingship over Israel and Judah. Was it easy? Not by any means. He faced many back stabs, insults and curses from the very people He was leading and even from His own family as Absalom his son overthrew him in Chapter 15 of 2nd Samuel after showing him kindness.

The battles we face earlier on in our lives are God’s actual training ground for the battles that we will face in the future. Psalms 18:34 says

” He trains my hands for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronze”

Why did David say these words? Because of the fire  The Lord allow him to pass through and the many battles He faced in His life, He could now steadily stand and fight in the battles that came along his way. Question is, How many are willing to allow The Lord take them through the training? Because God’s ways are not our ways and yet again He uses yielded and willing hearts. There’s no experience that God allows in our lives which is not for our good in the long run. One thing that is certain is that God’s training steadies our feet for the battle. We cannot be shaken, therefore lets yearn to have a teachable spirit like David’s and willingness to go through it with our Lord as Captain of our lives for His glory.


Now, i shall delve into the topic…. 🙂

This emanated from reading 2nd Samuel 18. Absalom, David’s son in Chapters 15-17 had overthrown his father David with the help of Ahithopel, one of David’s right hand men. The word says that Ahithopel’s counsel was ever considered as if The Lord himself had spoken. 2nd Samuel 16:23 .This just goes to tell you how David genuinely trusted this man.

Word had come that Absalom had been cornered and of course David as King gave orders that Absalom should be captured but not a finger laid on him. Joab,on the other hand,being the leader of the army feigned heeding to the instructions, seizing the opportunity to kill Absalom soon after.

David’s reaction was appalling to me. Knowing the character of David from times past, case in point, his encounter with Nabal (1st Samuel 25). David was a man who acted in the spur of the moment. It took Nabal’s wife Abigail through the supernatural intervention of God to calm him. I do not ignore the fact that Nabal was no better either and deserved the hell that was about to rain on him. However in 2nd Samuel 18, we see a refined David. We see a man with a heart of flesh and a heart that could break before The Lord and people.The Lord had tamed his steel-like nature.David was changed. Anyone would expect Him to go after Joab and orchestrate his death but far from it. Even after Joab flouted the clear instruction of King David and confronted King David in 2nd Samuel 19:1-8, David did not do a thing to him!

What had changed in David? What did The Lord do in His life, because it was clear that something incredulous had occurred in his life. By what strength was he able to love his enemies and even weep for them that pursued his life?

The Real Test that you love is your ability to love the unlovable.

Is not this a representation of the love of Jesus Christ for man-kind. The kind of sacrificial love that Jesus Christ displayed on the cross for His persecutors, mockers and the lost. Agape love… That’s what it is called. A self-less love that forgave the worst of the worst, loved the unlovables and touched the untouchables. The love that caused him to face the worst perecution ever known, yet all the while aware, that they might never love or acknowledge Him as Lord. The kind of love that dragged Him to the ugly pits of Sheol, to take back the keys of our salvation from the devil himself. The King of Kings.. royalty. The one who deserved to adorned in royal robes,and feet laden with golden sandles, saddled himself with the filth of our sins on his back. He left his glory for a wretch like you and me.

Joab said to David :

” …………….You have today covered  with shame the faces of all your servants, who have this day saved your life and the lives of your sons and daughters and the lives of your wives and your concubines because you have loved those who hate you and hate those who love you..” – 2nd Samuel 19:5-6

Because David refused to go with the norm. What is the norm? Hate your enemies, love them that are good to you. The norm is the pharisaic belief that an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Sad to say that is the current situation of humanity’s hearts. Bitterness and unforgiveness is the order. There is no place for love. At least not the Jesus kind of love. People want to love only them that are good to them; they want to love them that get them nice gifts. But how about the drug-dealer in the corner? Doesn’t he deserve love too? I write this not because it is a walk in the park, but to challenge me and you to think about the love of Christ. Because he loved, we are. Because He loves, we can.



“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be the sons of your father in heaven. For He makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust..” -Mathew 5:44-45

All too familiar words that our Lord Jesus gave us, almost too easy to read and internalize until presented with an actual situation where you have to apply those words. You see, that’s the test. The word is not just mere words but a code that God gave us to live by, knowing that we would encounter the situations presented therein. As long as your Christian, testing is a must.

The world has become cold. The love of many has grown cold and hatred has snowballed to magnanimous proportions. There is no differentiation between the church and the people in the world, because the church has forgotten to love. The Church has forgotten their first love. The Joabs’ of the world are having a field day propagating hate and death while the Davids’ either have cowered opting for silence or have been silenced.




Because you have loved them, you will face criticism and tribulation. But then again, who do you stand accountable to? You can choose to heed to the call; to stand out and let God use you, or be miserable with hate churning in your heart;or you can choose love and be free. A heart that is able to love someone else, is a heart that is free.

Take the bold move and choose to love because your Savior has loved them.


Finally, to let the point sink deeper, Listen to the song called Others by Israel Houghton.

Love and Light,


Miss OwinyJaber.






I thank The Almighty God for yet another opportunity to share on this platform a few of the things God has been teaching  me on this journey of salvation. Walking on this narrow road,  is just as scripture describes it, tough! But when we look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, then it is well with us.

I dedicate this post to My Father,  My Lord Jesus Christ who has been so patient with me especially this week, when so much was not making sense to me. When for the first time, in a long time, i felt alone. With so many people around me, i felt alone. I know and actually believe that so many people in this world, could be in the very same shoes, feeling like there lives have come to a standstill, feeling like people are moving forward, but it seems like you’re in the same position you were 3 years ago. Same face, same story line, same shoes, nothing seems to have changed.There could  be someone feeling like The Lord has remembered others and forgotten them. I am the stranger here, saying to you, He has not forgotten. He has NOT forgotten. He is just waiting for the opportune time to show forth.


I have learned from The Lord, in my state of despondency this week. The Lord has taken me through some gruesome experiences to get me to understand that I am not like other people i was comparing myself to and never will i be like them. My experiences and stories may not always resonate with others. My relationship with Him will never be like His and someone else. My encounters with Him won’t necessarily resemble other people’s encounters with Him.

God created each one of us uniquely. Our desires will never be like other people’s desires. God created one me, and one you. *same case applies to twins.* He created us with different DNA’s and Blood groups. He gave everyone different talents and gifts, all to be used for His glory and His glory alone. I am reminded of the parable of the talents in Mathew 25:14-30.

The Master gave each of his servants talents according to ” Their ability”, meaning we all have various abilities and operate on different grace. To one, the master gave 5 talents, to another 3 and to another 1. He expected each to use what He had given Him but the one that received one talent chose to bury it in the ground like a witch instead of using it.

I have learned that  we need to focus on  being thankful for what God has already given us, instead of focusing on what we do not have. Focus on the talent that God has given you, expending it for His glory instead of focusing on the guy with the 5 talents whose using theirs and is well  on the way to receive 5 more for a job well done.

I have learned in maintaining focus on what we do not have or the state of our lives, then we give the enemy a door-way to discourage us and make us believe that God does not care for us, and that He loves others more than He loves you, which is not true. He loves ALL and has no partiality. When we allow ourselves to feel unloved and rejected, then we become inefficient and we become like the One-talent servants, burying our gift of service to God. I use myself as an example, because of allowing this lie, it became so hard to minister. It became difficult to worship and praise God. I was ready to give up on God, which is the ultimate goal of the enemy, to discourage us and get us away from God.


Now, it makes sense why the servant with one talent got cast to outer darkness. It is when we know what we have to do, but we do not pursue it. When God has given us a task to perform but because of our slothfulness, our self- condemnation and our failure to do what He has called us, then souls are lost to the enemy. The blood then is on our hands.

Therefore, let it sink in your minds, that You are not Obama, as much as you would admire Him and all that He has. You are not Hillary Clinton, neither are you Donald Trump. You are the daughter, you are the son of The Most High God, specially crafted and handmade by Him. If you are the 5 talent, be the best 5 talent you can be. If you are the 3 talent, be the best 3 talent you can be, and if you’re the one talent, don’t look down on yourself. The Lord may have given you the one because you need more grace than the 5 Talent servant. Allow God’s will in your life to be done. Do not force your way through, because, you will not succeed. We do not get to tell God how to do things in our lives. It may not be a comfortable process getting there, but in the long-run, it will be for your good. All the same, do not forget to thirst and desire more of Him.. We are assured that He will fill us.  We have to examine ourselves and our faith, to ensure that The Lord we speak of so highly  in the good times,the  same input i will use to speak of Him in the tough times.

Do not be consumed by looking at what God is doing in other people’s lives such that you miss what God is doing in yours.

Let your soul, then find Rest in God and God alone. The Alpha and The Omega. He knows what is best for each of His children.




OwinyJaber. 😉