The Jewel

In the spirit of all things bright and beautiful and in my randomness, I felt like writting rather sharing this with the world.. W’ere all, rubies etc..despite our flaws..we shine and we should allow ourselves to..happy reading and goodnight..

She is just the jewel in the ruff
The rock covered in dirt
She is the picture on the frame
That seems so yet refrained
She is the yellow in the sun
That everyone wants to shun
She is the moon that ever shines
Yet no one seems to mind
Just the little diamond in the surf
The jewel in the ruff
She’s always trying to speak her mind
But no one has the time
She tries to peer through the hole
N the soldiers drag her off
She fights to get another chance
But instead she gets a shrug
Kicks n then the shoves
The cold head of guns on her shirt
She promises not to speak
As she’s weeping silently
They stand aside as they taunt
Throwing rocks as they move along
Its time to say goodbye
She knows it is that time
The clock is on the wind
Tick tock goes the chime
He stands as if to strike her
A cold sweat seems to bite her
As she slowly shuts her eyes..
Clenching her fist all the while..
Its done now… Said the mime
Blood dripping down the drain..
The linger on their face..
That sorry whose to blame..
That was she.. The diamond in the turf
The jewel in the ruff..
Oooh..she just lost her shine
N no-one did ever mind.

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