Think About it..

Well.. Today, I felt inspired to share this with the whole world..rather this part of my world.. Small things might not matter to many of us but actually they should. What am I talkn about? You may ask.. I’m talking about its sincerest and purest form.. It may seem like a dark topic but all the same its something to ponder about. Just this morning, my friend came in class..all smiles, carrying herslef with confidence like everything around her was rainbows and unicorns.. No pun intended..but when she settled into her seat after a light chat, I remember her dad was unwell the last time she told me about it.. And she said to me” as long as I have at least one day with him..that’s all that matters”.. Those words hit me.. Sometimes we walk around flaunting our egos to everyone and not giving a rats tail what other people may be going through yet they do nee d us. Many are the times, we feel we need someone to talk to but it looks like everyone else is engrossed in their business not having anytime for our “nonesense” but in reality..they do need us. I am a staunch believer of the proverb ” do unto others”.. But when this reality check hit me..clearly, I was double-sided.. So this may sound crappy or uplifting to you..but in the end its meant to spur a wave of action in you and me to be better friends to each other.. I am Pookie, be inspire XO

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