Flaws and All

Just to top in the spirit of celebration that’s taken the world over..love also is a factor that I feel now so strongly..and is captured in the hearts of so many people not only in Kenya but in the world and what better way to show it than through poetry..so happy reading..n inspire and feel the love.

I Can’t explain..how
Its a blessing..now
That your here with me
U do complete me
U bring out the best in me
I believe u were meant for me
Through it all u deserved me
Take my hand come walk with me
Let me tell u how your love feels to me
It feels like clouds are holding me
It feels like fire consumes me
It feels like chocolate melting on my hand
The feeling to good.. U don understand
Feels like u are my lucky charm
I know i do get testy sometimes
But I need to be sure that its right
Yet u love me still
I still don get it explain to me
I get mad n throw my heels at u
Its kinda funny thinking bout it
See… YoUr laughing too
Yet u stand there n tell me u love me
N my back starts to tingle gladly
I know I tend to get needy sometimes
My imperfections tend to get the best of me sometimes
Yet u see past all my weaknesses
N carry me through my teary moments
Your love is like honey n wheaties
Actually gravy.. Sounds corny
But that’s exactly why u love me
I still don understand,explain it to me
What actually makes u a man
To love a woman so deep, so bad..
Like candy in a baby’s hand
Am never letting any other man
To ruin God’s perfect plan
Its destiny am made to understand
As fate would have it, as royalty does it
Your my connection
My little intervention
God’s favourite creation.. Blessed in all mearsure
In your eyes..I see what I can be
Unimaginable me..the stars themseves show me
Ur smile..
So pretty..shiny..nothing as beautiful could compare to this..
Wishes upon a star won’t cut it..trust me
Ur amazing
N am blessed more than this..
In more ways am certain unlike this..

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2 thoughts on “Flaws and All

  1. finally i get to read the blog….good English i am very proud…hehe knock yourself out…..and have fun jewel…

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