Sometimes we human beings speak out of ignorance..
We don’t consider the effect of our words to other people..
Its been said that out of the abundance of the heart.. So does the mouth speaks.. I don’t dispute that but I wonder.. Have we ever taken the time to think of the impact that has been left by the words we speak to others?
The effect of our actions on other people..
We humans can be fickle and selfish ..
We don’t ever take the time to listen..its always our turn to talk..
W’ere ever too quick to judge..but ourselves we don’t want to be judged at least not for the foul parts.. Just the positives..
Why is it that we take advantage of people and never want to take responsibility for the hurt that we cause?
Instead we lay blame on other people..
Use people and then dump them off like vermin on the floor..
Why don’t we look back and apologise for what w’eve done wrong?

Instead we make excuses for everything..
Excuses for why we can’t stop being negative..bad..
Basically excuses for why we can’t change..
Why do we hurt each other.. But never accept responsibility..
Why do we humans always leave when w’ere done ruining other people’s lives?
Its like it doesn’t matter.. As long as we get what we wanted.. That’s all that counts..
Why do we fill each other with hate..
So much hate that w’ere left feeling murderous..
Why do we give each other love..then strip it away?
Why is it that we act like w’ere different yet in reality.. Man! W’ere just the same little nuggets running around killing each other emotionally..
Why do we act like w’ere all friends..
Yet we run around stabbing each other in the backs..
Why the word friendship yet we don’t even consider the meaning of the word itself..
I’m telling you.. Its complete nonesense..
Being human is baseless..because we act like we don’t have a spirit..
Because we humans act like we live in a world that is black and white..
Humans and their tardiness?! Ever slow to do the right thing…
For some reason.. The bad is so appealing..
The superficial is so enticing..
We would rather live in a bubble..
Than the real world..
I just don’t understand us humans..
We are afraid of ourselves..
Why do we lie to each other.. Yet the truth is litterally screaming in our faces!
Why are we ready to kill each other when we don’t get what we want..
Why can’t we accept shit and just move on..
Always want to hang onto every little thing..
Every little detail..
Why don’t we humans ever get satisfied?
Always looking for more..
W’ere so greedy.. We forget what we want exactly..
Why don’t we humans recognize we have something good..
Always ready to leave the rose in our hands for the thorns and thistles lying on the ground..
I have never been so angry at the fact that am human..
Because in the end.. We humans are our own detractors..
We build each other up.. Then we bring each other down..
I want to Make a change..I want to Be Human..a proper human 🙂

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I am currently listening to Aloe Blacc’s “I need a dollar”.. And I suddenly had this need to share what music means to me..and hopefully, you can get a bit of insight about who I am..
I’ve listened and read so many musical stories and the world is growing larger artists are ever coming up..I feel i need to share mine..
As far as I can remember, I grew up in a musical family.. There was always so much musical influence around me,and just to name a few relatives.. My late uncle was a jazz musician and everytime I went to visit him and my grandmother..*he retired later*..I used to listen to him play “malaika” on his saxophone or guitar for me..and I remember being awed by him and wanting to be like him.
Now, I know most singers and musicians always look back at their childhoods as the beginning of their musical journeys.. Brace yourself.. I’m no different! I was quite the menace myself as a child.. But with a heavy heart for music..I’ll save you the creepy details..
Music for me is a place of solace.. Its where I feel I need to be when so much around me feels so somehow makes it right..
Music for me is the soul within..its more than just a beat or a tune or lyrics to sing along to..
Its more than just the rythm..
Music is my heart..
Every time I sit down to pen something..
Am expressing myself through every lyric..
Its a true and honest reflection of how I feel at that moment..
Whether its love, hate, anger, joy..
Though am still learning the art..:D music is a process..
Its that tingly sensation I get every time I hear someone sing..or a musical note And am appreciative of the fact a message was communicated to me..
Something that presumably relates to me..
Some of my friends think I dream too much..
That I’m a bit unrealistic about my musical goals..
But that’s my inspiration..
Because u know for every succesfull person out there.. There was someone who didn’t believe in them..
Who thought that their efforts wouldn’t amount to anything..
That’s where my strength lies..
For me.. The ability to hold a microphone.. Signifies something so rich and powerful..
When I stand on a stage.. Doesn’t matter where..
And a microphone stands fastened on the stand..
And I open my mouth to sing..
I feel like I can conquer the world..
I feel like am in a bubble.. Shut off completely from reality..
All I can hear is cheers..
And I close my eyes and live a dream..
When I open them…its no fiction..I lived my dream
I feel like I have been given a chance to show the world the talent God has given me..
I feel I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself because music is given to me..
My possibilities are limitless when a microphone is in my hand..
I have a gift that I need to share with the world..
Music allows me to make mistakes..
I believe in myself ..
I feel that I am good enough and I don’t feel that I need to be for anyone else..
What is music to me?
A sign of liberation.. That I am free to be whoever and whatever I want to be..
And yes.. Sometimes I sit back and reflect and ask myself if what am asking for is too much..
Am I being greedy..
I realised am not into music for worldly fame..
I want God’s fame.. His way..
That I’ll always remember to be greatfull to him that He gave me this gift..
He can take it away..
I owe Him that..
I would love for my music to leave a mark on the world..
An indelible mark..
That the world will remember me for telling them my story and they related to me..
That they will be thankful that I was strong and bold enough to share my story..
Music to me is appreciation, not just for myself but every other individual trying to live their musical dreams..
Not being quick to judge other people..
Instead encourage other singers and musicians with kind words and even correcting in love..
Because that’s what how I would love to be treated..
I’m always on the look-out for “fresh musical blood”..
When I listen to someone new.. Its like a breath of fresh air! Litterally..I am exposed to so many genres of music and in more ways than one.. I learn how its possible to mix different genres and create something new..
That relates to our generation..
You could say I’m an “old timer” because I love old music as well.. Like The Commodores, The Wades..just to name a few..
I believe its time artists paid homage to the musical greats by incorporating a bit of the old with the new..somehow,breaking the inter-generational music barrier..
Create a worldly musical family..
Music is like my secret diary..
When I feel like I need to get away..
I am so addicted to music that sometimes it scares me that I won’t work professionally..instead I’ll choose a musical career path considering so many are looking upto me.. I intend to cross that bridge when I get there 🙂
There’s plenty more that I would love to share about music ..and I intend to do so in the future..
I just hope that your inspired if not whatever prize ur eyes are fixated upon..
And I do hope you get it..
Life’s about encouraging one another..
As for me..
Music is my life.. My world.. 🙂

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God Forgives.. YOU CAN! :)

The word forgiveness.. Am sure to many of us with respect to our experiences finds it difficult to allow seep into our emotions..our hearts.
Because probably w’eve been hurt, broken or our beliefs been trampled on..
And we find it difficult to forgive..
But imagine how many indiscretions w’eve commited as human beings against each other that indeed makes us completely unworthy of his forgiveness..
Imagine if there was no forgiveness..
Most of us would have died of guilt laden hearts..
This world with all the beauty it holds.. All the people represented through their races, colour and creed..
It would’ve been a sorrowful world..
Forgiveness is difficult..
At the same time a beautiful gift that some possess freely while for others its a gift that they are trying to culminate..
But the moment you own forgiveness..
That’s where true strength lies..
Its not about how smart-mouthed you are..
Or your capability to hold a grudge for years..
Its about your ability and flexibilty to forgive..
Using myself as a real life example..
I once held a grudge with now one of my dearest closest friends for three years.. Convincing myself that the fall-out between us was not my fault..I won’t divulge the details of course
But after three years of bitterness, hate and heated exchanges..I realised..its time to bury the hatchet not just for me.. But to finally know peace..
Its a lot of weight on one individual to carry so much emotional baggage.. How about trying to let go.. And forgive..
Forgiveness is not a chore.. I learnt..
Its a gift we give the other..
The one who hurt us..
Its not a show and tell..
Its proof that we are mature and strong.. To set ourselves free emotionally..
Its not easy to never has..
But with God’s patience,perseverance and of course prayer and not forgetting our personal input.. We can get ourselves to forgive..
Things may never be the same again like they were previously..
But at least there’s change..
There’s no more emotional baggage..
Instead peace and love take over..
And we can comfortably move on with our lives..
Its a challenge to me and every unforgiving person or anyone else having a hard time letting go of the people who hurt us..
Or events that made us unforgiving..
You don’t deserve to die emotionally..
You don’t deserve tears and hurt..
The day we allow forgiveness in our hearts..
Is the day w’ell know joy, happiness..above all peace..
In our unforgiveness..we waste too much time concentrating on that person who hurt us.. Who probably doesn’t even recognize or acknowledge that they hurt us..
Time to re-focus..
Tilt the spot-light on yourself for once..
“Just forgive and set your anger free”..
(Got that from the movie anger-management by the way!) 😀 but u get the point..
Don’t be stingy..

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Bicycle love? U ask..
Yes.. Bicycle love..
In my eyes..innocent love..
Love with a fragrance of ignorance..
I want bicycle love..
Where every experience..
Every step is a journey..
Learning something new..
Growth not just for me but for both of us..
I want bicycle love..I want to look at myself and embrace the woman I have become not loathe the woman I am..
Indeed I want bicycle love..
Where we do everything together..
Our footsteps are a reflection of our uniity..
Our bond forever unbreakable.. The envy of the nation..
I want bicycle love my dear..
Where my innocence can grow in silence..
Its quiet cries soothing to my soul..
Bicycle love.. Where I can sit under the stars with you and stare at the weary moonlight..
As you play india arie’s ‘little things’ on your guitar..
They may hate on us for being silly..
But that’s just it.. We don’t care..
Its our bicycle love..
I want bicycle love..where we don’t expect so much from each other..
We both know our roles..
All we have to do is play our parts to the best of our ability..
Yes my dear..bicycle love..
With no judgement or fear of condemnation.. When we wrong each toddlers, we readily forgive each other and move on..
Never looking back on the past..
I want bicycle love..
We enjoy the little pleasures of life..
We run after the butterflies in ever green fields..
We play hide and seek n dance together in the rain..
Yes..bicycle love..
We pray for each other everyday..
That Gods blessings ever so strong to bind us together.. Even better..
I want bicycle love..
We are happy with where we are..
Never greedy for what we don’t have..instead working towards a better future for us..
Just like bicycle love..
We don’t allow others to influence us..instead we influence them and they strive to be like us..
We are the envy of everyone around us..
I want bicycle love..
Where our pasts are not considered..
Its our present that always matters..
I want bicycle love..
Am allowed to love beyond my race, tribe, color..
When I found love, I found happiness..
I found bicycle love..
Yes..bicycle love..
Where my heart palpitates at the sound of your voice..
At the sweet chime of the door bell..
I innocently wish it is you..
Am weakened by the sight of bicycle love..
He waits patiently for me..
He never rushes me.. He knows my pace..
He allows me to reach a decision on my own..that’s my bicycle love..
I will respond to bicycle love..
He does not want anything from me..
All he wants is to spend the rest of his earthly days with me..
His only wish and desire is to make me happy..
He is my bicycle love
Yes my friends.. I want bicycle love..
Innocent, ignorant bicycle love..

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A friend of mine asked me if it would be unfair if he missed getting his wife a gift for valentines day..just because for the past two years..she didn’t get him anything..yet he forked out fourteen thousand last valentines for dinner and jewellery..
To be perfectly honest.. I understand where this man is coming from.. Sometimes we want to feel needed and appreciated not just for taking up our responsibilities as men or women but also being a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend etc
Honestly i think w’eve lost sight of what valentines day is meant to be about…we live in a world which believes ‘money makes the world go round’..when..
Sometimes its about coming home early, taking a day off and sharing a meal with that special someone..
Its not always about the money.. Simple gestures sometimes speak volumes..
I feel we live in a society where its almost always about competition.. Always trying to outdo the other guy who got his wife a range rover evoque or the girl who got cartier jewels..I agree, all these things sometimes leave a bitter taste in our mouths especially when at that particular point..we didn’t get anything..or whatever we got is not enough in our eyes.. 😀
In the process we forget.. What he have infront of us.. Someone who loves us regardless of our failures and shortcomings..someone who appreciates you for who you are.. someone who took the time to remember its ‘valentines day’..
Now, am not saying that we shouldn’t want or get spoiled.. Am saying we shouldn’t be greedy..greed eventually makes you lose..
That’s why I reiterate..Ladies and gentlemen.. Its NOT about the money on valentines..its not even about valentines..
Its about celebrating the love that you both have for each other..not just on this day..but everyday..
So whatever u get or don’t get.. Don’t be a nag or whiner.. Appreciate n be thankful..
Happy valentines day.. live and enjoy it..but above all LOVE. Xo

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Hello avid bloggers and readers..I know I have been out of the blogging game for a minute but its definetly without bad intention.. I have been engrossed in so many things namely my campus books..I barely had the time to post anything! Thankfully..this is my final year in law school..and am elated! Can’t wait for graduation!! But I do hope that everyone is doing well and things are looking up already this far..
This year being a jubilee year.. I would like to wish my fellow Kenyans a peaceful and fruitful year.. N my prayer is that we maintain peace despite the outcome of the elections.. We as a people are bigger than the needs and desires of our leaders..we need to be united and work together to create a self-sustaining nation, not only for us but the future..
I believe its going to be a good year..despite the negativity or the tragedies that life unfortunately may or may not have led our way..I believe our experiences are our best teachers and they are to mould us for the I choose to go harrd..
And on that footing..I will try and be diverse on my blog this year and talk about everything that makes me happy and feel beautiful..from fashion, photography,music, poetry, love even nature..if I will be inspired enough to share.. And this is all in a bid to spread peace, love, unity and soul..
That said..stay tuned ladies and gents because Owiny Jaber is jus getting started….xo

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