Hello avid bloggers and readers..I know I have been out of the blogging game for a minute but its definetly without bad intention.. I have been engrossed in so many things namely my campus books..I barely had the time to post anything! Thankfully..this is my final year in law school..and am elated! Can’t wait for graduation!! But I do hope that everyone is doing well and things are looking up already this far..
This year being a jubilee year.. I would like to wish my fellow Kenyans a peaceful and fruitful year.. N my prayer is that we maintain peace despite the outcome of the elections.. We as a people are bigger than the needs and desires of our leaders..we need to be united and work together to create a self-sustaining nation, not only for us but the future..
I believe its going to be a good year..despite the negativity or the tragedies that life unfortunately may or may not have led our way..I believe our experiences are our best teachers and they are to mould us for the I choose to go harrd..
And on that footing..I will try and be diverse on my blog this year and talk about everything that makes me happy and feel beautiful..from fashion, photography,music, poetry, love even nature..if I will be inspired enough to share.. And this is all in a bid to spread peace, love, unity and soul..
That said..stay tuned ladies and gents because Owiny Jaber is jus getting started….xo

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