A friend of mine asked me if it would be unfair if he missed getting his wife a gift for valentines day..just because for the past two years..she didn’t get him anything..yet he forked out fourteen thousand last valentines for dinner and jewellery..
To be perfectly honest.. I understand where this man is coming from.. Sometimes we want to feel needed and appreciated not just for taking up our responsibilities as men or women but also being a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend etc
Honestly i think w’eve lost sight of what valentines day is meant to be about…we live in a world which believes ‘money makes the world go round’..when..
Sometimes its about coming home early, taking a day off and sharing a meal with that special someone..
Its not always about the money.. Simple gestures sometimes speak volumes..
I feel we live in a society where its almost always about competition.. Always trying to outdo the other guy who got his wife a range rover evoque or the girl who got cartier jewels..I agree, all these things sometimes leave a bitter taste in our mouths especially when at that particular point..we didn’t get anything..or whatever we got is not enough in our eyes.. 😀
In the process we forget.. What he have infront of us.. Someone who loves us regardless of our failures and shortcomings..someone who appreciates you for who you are.. someone who took the time to remember its ‘valentines day’..
Now, am not saying that we shouldn’t want or get spoiled.. Am saying we shouldn’t be greedy..greed eventually makes you lose..
That’s why I reiterate..Ladies and gentlemen.. Its NOT about the money on valentines..its not even about valentines..
Its about celebrating the love that you both have for each other..not just on this day..but everyday..
So whatever u get or don’t get.. Don’t be a nag or whiner.. Appreciate n be thankful..
Happy valentines day.. live and enjoy it..but above all LOVE. Xo

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