Bicycle love? U ask..
Yes.. Bicycle love..
In my eyes..innocent love..
Love with a fragrance of ignorance..
I want bicycle love..
Where every experience..
Every step is a journey..
Learning something new..
Growth not just for me but for both of us..
I want bicycle love..I want to look at myself and embrace the woman I have become not loathe the woman I am..
Indeed I want bicycle love..
Where we do everything together..
Our footsteps are a reflection of our uniity..
Our bond forever unbreakable.. The envy of the nation..
I want bicycle love my dear..
Where my innocence can grow in silence..
Its quiet cries soothing to my soul..
Bicycle love.. Where I can sit under the stars with you and stare at the weary moonlight..
As you play india arie’s ‘little things’ on your guitar..
They may hate on us for being silly..
But that’s just it.. We don’t care..
Its our bicycle love..
I want bicycle love..where we don’t expect so much from each other..
We both know our roles..
All we have to do is play our parts to the best of our ability..
Yes my dear..bicycle love..
With no judgement or fear of condemnation.. When we wrong each toddlers, we readily forgive each other and move on..
Never looking back on the past..
I want bicycle love..
We enjoy the little pleasures of life..
We run after the butterflies in ever green fields..
We play hide and seek n dance together in the rain..
Yes..bicycle love..
We pray for each other everyday..
That Gods blessings ever so strong to bind us together.. Even better..
I want bicycle love..
We are happy with where we are..
Never greedy for what we don’t have..instead working towards a better future for us..
Just like bicycle love..
We don’t allow others to influence us..instead we influence them and they strive to be like us..
We are the envy of everyone around us..
I want bicycle love..
Where our pasts are not considered..
Its our present that always matters..
I want bicycle love..
Am allowed to love beyond my race, tribe, color..
When I found love, I found happiness..
I found bicycle love..
Yes..bicycle love..
Where my heart palpitates at the sound of your voice..
At the sweet chime of the door bell..
I innocently wish it is you..
Am weakened by the sight of bicycle love..
He waits patiently for me..
He never rushes me.. He knows my pace..
He allows me to reach a decision on my own..that’s my bicycle love..
I will respond to bicycle love..
He does not want anything from me..
All he wants is to spend the rest of his earthly days with me..
His only wish and desire is to make me happy..
He is my bicycle love
Yes my friends.. I want bicycle love..
Innocent, ignorant bicycle love..

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