God Forgives.. YOU CAN! :)

The word forgiveness.. Am sure to many of us with respect to our experiences finds it difficult to allow seep into our emotions..our hearts.
Because probably w’eve been hurt, broken or our beliefs been trampled on..
And we find it difficult to forgive..
But imagine how many indiscretions w’eve commited as human beings against each other that indeed makes us completely unworthy of his forgiveness..
Imagine if there was no forgiveness..
Most of us would have died of guilt laden hearts..
This world with all the beauty it holds.. All the people represented through their races, colour and creed..
It would’ve been a sorrowful world..
Forgiveness is difficult..
At the same time a beautiful gift that some possess freely while for others its a gift that they are trying to culminate..
But the moment you own forgiveness..
That’s where true strength lies..
Its not about how smart-mouthed you are..
Or your capability to hold a grudge for years..
Its about your ability and flexibilty to forgive..
Using myself as a real life example..
I once held a grudge with now one of my dearest closest friends for three years.. Convincing myself that the fall-out between us was not my fault..I won’t divulge the details of course
But after three years of bitterness, hate and heated exchanges..I realised..its time to bury the hatchet not just for me.. But to finally know peace..
Its a lot of weight on one individual to carry so much emotional baggage.. How about trying to let go.. And forgive..
Forgiveness is not a chore.. I learnt..
Its a gift we give the other..
The one who hurt us..
Its not a show and tell..
Its proof that we are mature and strong.. To set ourselves free emotionally..
Its not easy to forgive..it never has..
But with God’s patience,perseverance and of course prayer and not forgetting our personal input.. We can get ourselves to forgive..
Things may never be the same again like they were previously..
But at least there’s change..
There’s no more emotional baggage..
Instead peace and love take over..
And we can comfortably move on with our lives..
Its a challenge to me and every unforgiving person or anyone else having a hard time letting go of the people who hurt us..
Or events that made us unforgiving..
You don’t deserve to die emotionally..
You don’t deserve tears and hurt..
The day we allow forgiveness in our hearts..
Is the day w’ell know joy, happiness..above all peace..
In our unforgiveness..we waste too much time concentrating on that person who hurt us.. Who probably doesn’t even recognize or acknowledge that they hurt us..
Time to re-focus..
Tilt the spot-light on yourself for once..
“Just forgive and set your anger free”..
(Got that from the movie anger-management by the way!) 😀 but u get the point..
Don’t be stingy..
God forgives..so CAN YOU!

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