I am currently listening to Aloe Blacc’s “I need a dollar”.. And I suddenly had this need to share what music means to me..and hopefully, you can get a bit of insight about who I am..
I’ve listened and read so many musical stories and the world is growing larger artists are ever coming up..I feel i need to share mine..
As far as I can remember, I grew up in a musical family.. There was always so much musical influence around me,and just to name a few relatives.. My late uncle was a jazz musician and everytime I went to visit him and my grandmother..*he retired later*..I used to listen to him play “malaika” on his saxophone or guitar for me..and I remember being awed by him and wanting to be like him.
Now, I know most singers and musicians always look back at their childhoods as the beginning of their musical journeys.. Brace yourself.. I’m no different! I was quite the menace myself as a child.. But with a heavy heart for music..I’ll save you the creepy details..
Music for me is a place of solace.. Its where I feel I need to be when so much around me feels so somehow makes it right..
Music for me is the soul within..its more than just a beat or a tune or lyrics to sing along to..
Its more than just the rythm..
Music is my heart..
Every time I sit down to pen something..
Am expressing myself through every lyric..
Its a true and honest reflection of how I feel at that moment..
Whether its love, hate, anger, joy..
Though am still learning the art..:D music is a process..
Its that tingly sensation I get every time I hear someone sing..or a musical note And am appreciative of the fact a message was communicated to me..
Something that presumably relates to me..
Some of my friends think I dream too much..
That I’m a bit unrealistic about my musical goals..
But that’s my inspiration..
Because u know for every succesfull person out there.. There was someone who didn’t believe in them..
Who thought that their efforts wouldn’t amount to anything..
That’s where my strength lies..
For me.. The ability to hold a microphone.. Signifies something so rich and powerful..
When I stand on a stage.. Doesn’t matter where..
And a microphone stands fastened on the stand..
And I open my mouth to sing..
I feel like I can conquer the world..
I feel like am in a bubble.. Shut off completely from reality..
All I can hear is cheers..
And I close my eyes and live a dream..
When I open them…its no fiction..I lived my dream
I feel like I have been given a chance to show the world the talent God has given me..
I feel I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself because music is given to me..
My possibilities are limitless when a microphone is in my hand..
I have a gift that I need to share with the world..
Music allows me to make mistakes..
I believe in myself ..
I feel that I am good enough and I don’t feel that I need to be for anyone else..
What is music to me?
A sign of liberation.. That I am free to be whoever and whatever I want to be..
And yes.. Sometimes I sit back and reflect and ask myself if what am asking for is too much..
Am I being greedy..
I realised am not into music for worldly fame..
I want God’s fame.. His way..
That I’ll always remember to be greatfull to him that He gave me this gift..
He can take it away..
I owe Him that..
I would love for my music to leave a mark on the world..
An indelible mark..
That the world will remember me for telling them my story and they related to me..
That they will be thankful that I was strong and bold enough to share my story..
Music to me is appreciation, not just for myself but every other individual trying to live their musical dreams..
Not being quick to judge other people..
Instead encourage other singers and musicians with kind words and even correcting in love..
Because that’s what how I would love to be treated..
I’m always on the look-out for “fresh musical blood”..
When I listen to someone new.. Its like a breath of fresh air! Litterally..I am exposed to so many genres of music and in more ways than one.. I learn how its possible to mix different genres and create something new..
That relates to our generation..
You could say I’m an “old timer” because I love old music as well.. Like The Commodores, The Wades..just to name a few..
I believe its time artists paid homage to the musical greats by incorporating a bit of the old with the new..somehow,breaking the inter-generational music barrier..
Create a worldly musical family..
Music is like my secret diary..
When I feel like I need to get away..
I am so addicted to music that sometimes it scares me that I won’t work professionally..instead I’ll choose a musical career path considering so many are looking upto me.. I intend to cross that bridge when I get there 🙂
There’s plenty more that I would love to share about music ..and I intend to do so in the future..
I just hope that your inspired if not whatever prize ur eyes are fixated upon..
And I do hope you get it..
Life’s about encouraging one another..
As for me..
Music is my life.. My world.. 🙂

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