Sometimes we human beings speak out of ignorance..
We don’t consider the effect of our words to other people..
Its been said that out of the abundance of the heart.. So does the mouth speaks.. I don’t dispute that but I wonder.. Have we ever taken the time to think of the impact that has been left by the words we speak to others?
The effect of our actions on other people..
We humans can be fickle and selfish ..
We don’t ever take the time to listen..its always our turn to talk..
W’ere ever too quick to judge..but ourselves we don’t want to be judged at least not for the foul parts.. Just the positives..
Why is it that we take advantage of people and never want to take responsibility for the hurt that we cause?
Instead we lay blame on other people..
Use people and then dump them off like vermin on the floor..
Why don’t we look back and apologise for what w’eve done wrong?

Instead we make excuses for everything..
Excuses for why we can’t stop being negative..bad..
Basically excuses for why we can’t change..
Why do we hurt each other.. But never accept responsibility..
Why do we humans always leave when w’ere done ruining other people’s lives?
Its like it doesn’t matter.. As long as we get what we wanted.. That’s all that counts..
Why do we fill each other with hate..
So much hate that w’ere left feeling murderous..
Why do we give each other love..then strip it away?
Why is it that we act like w’ere different yet in reality.. Man! W’ere just the same little nuggets running around killing each other emotionally..
Why do we act like w’ere all friends..
Yet we run around stabbing each other in the backs..
Why the word friendship yet we don’t even consider the meaning of the word itself..
I’m telling you.. Its complete nonesense..
Being human is baseless..because we act like we don’t have a spirit..
Because we humans act like we live in a world that is black and white..
Humans and their tardiness?! Ever slow to do the right thing…
For some reason.. The bad is so appealing..
The superficial is so enticing..
We would rather live in a bubble..
Than the real world..
I just don’t understand us humans..
We are afraid of ourselves..
Why do we lie to each other.. Yet the truth is litterally screaming in our faces!
Why are we ready to kill each other when we don’t get what we want..
Why can’t we accept shit and just move on..
Always want to hang onto every little thing..
Every little detail..
Why don’t we humans ever get satisfied?
Always looking for more..
W’ere so greedy.. We forget what we want exactly..
Why don’t we humans recognize we have something good..
Always ready to leave the rose in our hands for the thorns and thistles lying on the ground..
I have never been so angry at the fact that am human..
Because in the end.. We humans are our own detractors..
We build each other up.. Then we bring each other down..
I want to Make a change..I want to Be Human..a proper human 🙂

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