Heal Me My Love.. :)

I am love..rather I used to be love
I am afraid..
Afraid to love myself..
Afraid to love my love..
You see love..
I have been bruised love..
I gave myself over to you love..
And love.. Did u see what happened to me love?
I was broken.. Wounded.. Love..
I regret love..
I don’t know if I can trust you again love..
At least not like I did last time love..
I opened my arms wide for you love..
I embraced the flames of love..
Instead love.. I got burnt..
Love,Seething pain still lingers in my flesh..
My apologies love..
Love, you used to be my love heart now..your just my love hurt..
I don’t ever want to look back on love..
The painful memories still linger..
Love, I wish it was so easy to erase you..
Your proving to be a daunting task love..
What do you want from me love?
Why do you insist on taking over my heart so forcefully?
Love.. Didn’t I tell you that I wasn’t interested love?
That my love is painful love..
Love..my love is ugly..unnattractive love
Love, you stripped beauty away from my love..love..
But everyday you hound me with your incessant knocking..
Love..I don’t love you..
You don’t love me..
Why are you still looking for me love?
Give me time to heal the wounds of my last love..
Remember I gave my love over to you love?
Yes, I gave you love
You were meant to cherish my love..
What did you do? You threw it away love..
I was meant to love your love..
Instead we lost ourselves in love..
We lost the meaning of love..
You lost me my love..
Give me time to heal love..
I am love..I used to be love..
I am afraid..
Afraid to love you love..
Remember I gave myself over to you?
But u took away my love..
Love..I beg you.. Give me time to heal..
Heal me my love..

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