KENYA IS MORE THAN ONE PERSON..(read and share :))

Yesterday, after a bruising presidential election marked one of the most pivotal achievements in Kenyan history.. Kenyans finally afforded themselves a new presidential elect Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta..
Despite the peace that prevailed during that delicate time and despite the international media painting a nugatory picture of the same.. It was a breath of fresh air to see Kenyans defend their country with such charisma and proving them wrong..through modes like social media etc
Kenyans were poised, young and old to have a new president, with the hope that the eventuality of it would catapult the country to development and unfathomable peace,love and unity and finally do away with tribalism..
On the contrary, the country was left scattered. The losers feel betrayed by their fellow country men in the belief that the elections were flawed and they were unnafforded the chance of real democracy.. On the other hand, the winners in full knowledge of the existing disunity,some, instead of uniting the country and killing the spirit of indivisibility, they are busy crushing their spirits and making them feel worthless and the final resolve to unpatriotism.
It is painful to see how much tribalism has sky-rocketed to unimaginable heights after the elections. People throwing tribal epithets carelessly, harbouring so much pain and hatred.. And all of this is because, they wanted ONE individual to have absolute power for 5 years.
As a country, I feel we are a long way off before maturity can be exhibited in Kenyan politics. Where the common mwananchi can separate himself or herself from the politics.. To the actualization that Kenya is bigger than one individual and there’s no need to hate and despise another individual all in the name of one person getting political advantage.
The leaders of this country HAVE an astronomical task of getting the Kenyan people united, so much has been left unsaid but in a nutshell I believe Kenyans need emotional healing with regards to the aftermath of the elections.. I say this because the truth is, the country is vast, made up of 40 million people and found in 8 provinces.. All these people voted for different leaders.. Of different tribes.
We should be united as Kenyan people and LOVE one another. Kenya is our country, this is where we were born, our livelihoods grounded in this very country.
Let’s not allow ourselves to hate each other because of elections. We forget one very imperative thing that elections come and go but our country, our people still remain.
We don’t need to utter tribal oriented sentiments of strife and hatred against fellow country men..loser or winner, we are all Kenyans.
Tribalism has been a widespread disease.. A fact that Kenyans know so well since independence but in the 21st century, the time is ripe, for us to transform this devastating situation. Its time for us to reflect and ponder..
Let’s change how we treat ourselves and let’s embrace each other. It is a difficult ask, undoubtedly, but I believe its an achievable reality if we just apply to ourselves.
Peace was once a long distant achievement.. At least to others it was.. How we proved the world wrong?! How about tribalism? You and I can shun it and love each other despite our political ideologies and alliances.
Its my humble appeal to all my fellow Kenyans.. Let’s love, respect and trust each other.. Friendships need not be altered, associations need not be differentiated.. Let’s Unite and build this country together.. Inspite of what tribe you and I come from.. We are one..
It is time Kenyans rose above this vice called tribalism and do away with it.
All I want for Kenya is change, not only through leadership but also through our mindset. Our minds have been formatted in way believing its impossible to relate with someone whose not your tribe or doesn’t have a similar nose shape! its absolute nonesense and its time we eradicated such thoughts and create new harmonious ones.. 🙂
Najua unanifeel..
It all begins with us loves.. Let’s just apply
ourselves and shun stupid tribalism..

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