Awake.. My Dreams See Fruition.

Courage to dream..unafraid to change reality.
Dauntless to reach for the stars,
The universe is my stage..
the journey to get there might seem long, maybe far-fetched but perseverance shortens it.
Determination to actualize my dreams
That light peering through the crack on the wall.. a symbol of persistence.
Yielding persistence to let light prevail over the darkness.
Darkness for a long time has overpowered me.
Visions of dreams turned hopeless have marred me..
Dreams have been cast into the gallows because of various unprecedented factors.
Valiant, selfless soldiers put aside their dreams so that others can live theirs.
Its time to arise..wake up and dare to dream again..
Ready to take up the challenges ahead.
I take charge of my destiny.
.. The future does not define men, men define the future.
My goal to ensure that my dream is alive..refusing to be extinguished.
To ensure that the world does not rob me of the chance to be grand..
When the opportune time arrives,I will seize the moment.
I won’t let anyone steal it from my grasp..
Like a cheetah lying in wait for the kill..
I wait in the shadows, glistening eyes wide awake..
I wait for the moment to shine.
Taking charge of the dream ahead..
Vehement refusal to give up..
I won’t be distracted by trivial issues
No disparaging words will set aside my ambition..
Resisting everything that will throw me of course
I am time bound..bound for good success dreams see fruition.

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