Happy Mother’s Day Mama..x

As everyone revels in this auspicious day called mothers day..I feel this day is a continuation of my duties as a daughter to appreciate and recognise the fine job she’s done raising me..
Looking back on my truant days..I once got into trouble with mama for diarizing how much I wished I had a different mother..I was such an attention seeker..and secretive but mama was ever on toes,nothing could ever be hidden.. 😀
Nevertheless,I know.. I deserve the aftermath of events that followed..:D
In retrospect now..I convince myself it was just my adolescent years and peer pressure,
I am filled with so much love and I have a clearer understanding that she’ll forever be mama..
Because, I could never picture a morning without hearing her voice shouting for me to wake up..:D
Or her footsteps as she makes her way to my room to draw the window curtains..
Or even waking me up at 5am in the morning to take the glass of milk back to the kitchen because after repeatedly asking me to the night before.. I forgot..Again! 😀
Or the rib cracking jokes about her boss and derilious workmates that always leave me and my sisters in tears..
I could go on and on but the truth of the matter is..
Mama.. You are truly one in a trillion..
You teach me everyday the true value of hardwork.. And encouraging me to explore every inch of my personality and be myself in the process..
I will not wait for history to remember you.. Instead I will remember and appreciate you now..
You are an irreplaceable diamond and I love and appreciate u more than words could ever express.
Happy mothers day ma x

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