Last Friday, my 8 year old brother called in sick so he stayed home..
I wasn’t particularly excited about that because, well you know, sibling rivalry..etc.
You’d think that by now, I’d have outgrown fighting for the tv remote..what do you know?.. I still do.. I bet it’s just not myself who shares in this feeling..
Anyways as I psyched myself for that day, I decided to play nice and just busy myself.. Avoid any confrontations..
So, he decided to whip out his play station games, and I thought, it couldn’t be that bad, so I joined in the action..
We played virtual tennis and we decided to play on the same team for once..😄 And not against each other.
We even hi-5’d everytime we won the game, and managed to do a little jig too..💃💃
And as we played on, I realized that my brother and I are just like any other siblings..
We talk back to each other and even argue but deep inside is ALOT of love…we all have different personalities, and as they fight to shine through, there’s bound to be friction and misunderstanding but as long as we let GOD’S LOVE to be our guide not only in our family relations.. Then w’ell be alright..

We managed to do a bunch of stuff together including taking each others photos afterwards..
I learnt a new things about my brother, just by spending time with him that day.. He actually can pose..😄😄
Check these out people .




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