Thank You, Dad

Signature Moms

By: Anne Marie Holloway

I wrote this blog post two years ago as a Veteran’s Day tribute to one of my life’s greatest soldiers.

In 2011, when I wrote this post, my Dad was facing a diagnosis that rocked my parents’ world: Parkinson’s disease.

My Mom and Dad formed a two-person army to face this new battle. And, true to their spirits, my parents face  the challenge of living with Parkinson’s courageously. I am humbled daily by their steadfast faith, their love for their family and each other.

Parkinson’s disease can try to shake my Dad’s confidence and steal the joy of a pair of people so perfectly meant for each other – but it won’t. They won’t let it.

Parkinson’s has met its match in them.

So, here it is again…a ‘thank you’ to my Dad…

I clearly remember the times I sat at the dinner table with my…

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