Lessons From Joyous Celebration .😇😇😇

Woooooptyy Woop! !!it’s 2015!!! Aren’t I Glad its a brand new start!!The beauty of endings is that it signifies new beginnings,new breakthroughs and new memories…. it’s important to stay still and Let God Chanel his goodness and faithfulness through you. .*It’s Not Over*:):)


On to my MAINEST story…*I have no clue what that means*… I had the most unforgettable amazing experience..
Joyous celebration came to Kenya for the first time ever…Wasn’t I Glad because let’s face it… I got to know about them earlier this year…  and I became very interested in their music and there started my journey of hounding them…it’s what I do when I get musically inspired..😒
So..finally they made it to Kenya and I  had the chance of seeing them Live unlike earlier watching them on YouTube and One Gospel..I thought I Knew Joyous celebration..till I met Shiku who has literally ALL their dvd’s and knows All the members..😒😒 not to mention can sing all their songs..man! I clearly need to up my game…
Alright so I get to the concert since they had said it would start at 3pm…I actually got there around 2:45 PM… Had to find myself the best seat in the house considering I was sitting where the rich people were sitting…😆😆😆 and I didn’t want anyone blocking my view…
Sadly…it didn’t cross my mind that we are actually in Africa..and being African Timers and All.. The show started off around 5 – ish…😩 Hours before..I was ready to start throwing my rocks.*I had some packed* 😆
Reuben Kigame was put on to try and calm the situation because the congregation was already getting impatient. .I more than..😬 and The MC I have to hand it to him handled it really well despite the shouts from the congregation..*Yes I was amongst the shouters..:roll:Don’t judge me*😆
On the bright side..the organizers did a splendid job setting up.. everything was done with such finesse. From the lighting  to the sitting arrangements of the singers..It was simply breathtaking.
The most captivating element for me as regards the set up were the cordless microphones.. they were the normal cordless mics but they had this brilliant echo that left a long lasting impact..it was superb to say the very least…
The best part of the show for me was when Mahalia Buchanan came on and she sang “Lift Your eyes”.. she sang that song beautifully… I mean she’s one of the ladies of my generation that I pray The Lord connects me with That we may lead worship together. . the grace that surrounds her to do what she does…it’s just..beautiful…

Finally Joyous Celebration came on stage…I mean it was nothing Short of Amazing…i mean i danced my socks off…from the First tune that they sang..they literally left me amazed at how much precision and hard work they put in. You could tell hat it took long hours of practice and surely Prayer to pull it off.
It reminded Me of a story a friend of mine was telling me concerning the psalmsof David and how the singers of those Psalms Had to be Levites who were from the lineage of purity. The singers were all virgins and the worship was all about perfection…..It’s amazing how even during The time of David. .worship was just not something you get up and do..There was an element of “perfection” because David Knew who that worship was for…He deserved The Best and so He gave the best…
Why can’t we give the Best then? As I watched those Men and women worship… something was stirred in me. It’s all about detail…. everything should matter because it does.
What if we gave More to the one who blessed us with all the gifts and talents we have? How much more would he bless us with more..to whom much is given,much is expected at Least thats what the word says.
Here’s then..to More worship experiences..

Signing off


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