What’s her truth you ask?  That apparently She didn’t know it all as she thought….

You see, she thought she thought she knew the colors of the rainbow..

she thought she knew when the sun rises in the morning..

she thought she understood the times, the tides… How sadly mistaken she was..

She thought she knew well her journey.. she thought she understood her purpose… She thought it was all in the tight grasp of her hand…

She thought she knew the stars that shine.. she thought she knew all the world has to offer, i  mean she had seen it all, tasted it all…Figured it all..

She thought she was a carrier of all the knowledge of the universe.. She wouldn’t be bothered with your silly submonition, at least that’s what she thought…

She thought her wisest was wiser than the giver of the wisdom.. she walked in it..she ravished in her wisdom.. she thought she had wisdom in her ally…

She thought she understood the routes, the nooks and the crannies of life.. no need to pester her with your ” directions”.. ” I know better..walk away” she said… she shrugged…

How the cruel hand of death was poised to drag her to hell by her nose.. she was already in death’s vestibule..now she was in urgent need of help…

Then it dawned.. she had to do away with ALL OF IT.. all that she knew, all that she THOUGHT she understood.. all that she had held onto.. all that felt mattered… all the people that left her shattered.. She knew that it was time to let them go..

But.. OH NO?! Not without struggle… she  was still thinking it would be easy.. no way..she wept plenty tears, spent plenty sleepless nights.. innumerable are the nights she wondered when it will all come to an end….

Then one Morning… TRUTH dawned.. her eyes now unveiled.. Truth became her friend and her beacon of light.. She had changed..

No more thoughts, no more fights.. No more hopelessness.. All the fear she had, had now been allayed. Now, she was bold, she was  courageous.. she was Fearless… STRONG…

Now… to make the STEP! She realized it’s not gonna be easy.. this  journey is tough.. the paths seem so crooked. A LOT of uncertainty.. Girl has to literally take the high road and just trust!

HOW? it wasn’t in her purview how that would happen. she was so used to everything being as crystal clear.. Everything has to make sense.. there ALWAYS has to be a reason why it happened..

SILENCE.. was deafening.. there was a presence but no response to the billion thoughts running through her mind… ” You’re thinking again..”  there goes her Botox smile… How can she tread on unfamiliar paths?

She thinks of going back.. it’s way easier on the other side.. the grass is always greener the other side of town. isn’t that what they say?  Things seemed simpler the other way… It was going to get worse if she did… if she chose to return?

Did she?

“What is it they say about faith and Trust? Do these virtues co-exist”…. is it possible for one little human like myself to carry around such heavy..weighty virtues.. You’re asking me to keep walking.. not to question the direction but to trust that i will end up where i was mean to be in the first place.. PURPOSE..

She made  a choice finally to just sit back, relax and just trust in the process….. FINALLY!

That is Her truth…


Can you relate?

Love and Light

x Miss Winnie x


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