I bless The Lord God almighty for another chance to share another illuminating post on the goodness of God and the power of Sacrificial giving.

Yesterday was a mind blowing day for me. A day that i will live to tell my seed. I experienced first hand, as i lay on the altar my sacrificial gift, the expression  in Leviticus 1:9 ” The priest is to burn all of it on the altar,. it is a burnt offering, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to The Lord.

I left with a few lessons in my mind concerning sacrificial giving:

a) A heart and  a mind that is WILLING and CHEERFUL to give is a requirement. God wants us to love giving to Him because He freely gave to us withholding nothing. He spared no expense when He gave His all to us and that is His son, Jesus Christ.

b) Purity- That is purity of heart, mind and soul. Check the condition of your heart before going to the altar to sacrifice. Remembering that He does search our hearts and our minds. He sees and hears it all. The eternal difference that determined whose sacrifice was acceptable with respect to Cain and Abel was the Heart of Abel. Abel was always determined to give God the very best and God blessed Him in return that He would be able to give more. As for Cain, it was a tug of war within Himself, coupled with greed and jealousy that caused him to always give God lousy sacrifices. YET, The Lord still reached out to Him showing Him the error of His ways. The Lord still gave Him another chance to do better, warning him that sin was crouching at the door but bitterness and jealousy had already taken over His heart. He missed his opportunity for blessings.


c) Sacrifices quickens breakthroughs- Sacrifices are naturally painful to give. There has to be an element of discomfort laced with assurance and expectation that what God will release to us will be much greater than what we actually perceived as loss. Reason is God is no debtor to any man. Everything in the world and beyond belongs to Him.

d) The enemy will always attempt to stop you- The enemy will not idly stand by as you prepare to offer on The Lord’s altar. He may even try to second guess you by throwing in ” Did The Lord really say?” But if you know the voice of The Holy Spirit who constantly communes with us, He will always confirm His word for He does not lie.

e) The Sacrifice to God is partaken by the servants of God – Now, i already know that some people do not get particularly excited that their gifts to God are actually eaten by their servants. But the reality is, it is true. Leviticus 6: 8-30 provides a detailed explanation/ instruction of how the offerings were to be made and even records the fact that a portion of the sacrifice would be eaten by the priest and his sons.Why? Because God has called upon us to take care of His servants. Does this scripture apply in modern times? Absolutely. It is unfortunate that in the times we are in, some “priests”  are not genuine and are about themselves and not fulfilling the will of God, but God in Deuteronomy 12 directed The Israelites that there was his choice place of worship where they and their children would go and make their sacrifices. The same applies to us, there is a choice place of worship for each one of us, depending on our various localities. God is not limited by time or location. The Lord has a remnant everywhere in this world. The question is have you asked Him where to go? Have you asked him where you belong? Because unless we connect to that place, then, we cannot receive the blessing accompanied with the sacrifice we make in His choice place of sacrifice. It is only when the sacrifice is complete, and all the requisite steps followed, and “Aaron and His sons” receive their share, then will The Lord accept our sacrifices as pleasing aromas. Then ,will The Lord release our blessings.

We have to train ourselves to get our minds away from the attitude of stinginess and meanness. If you know, and truly comprehend what God has done for you, then you will not hold back anything if He requests it of you. Giving to God is an act of service for we serve God through man (His servants).


d) Sacrificial giving grows our faith and dependence on God – It is in that altar of sacrificial giving that our faith and dependency on God is actually tested.Abraham was tested at this point and at 11:59, God showed up providing a ram.When we live it to God, to take care of us when we give our best to Him, at the opportune moment when it seems there is nothing left for us, He will provide the ram.

What/Who  then is your security? is it the 100,000/= in the bank or Jesus Christ? Who takes priority in your life? Whom do you chase? The richest man who ever lived, Solomon, gave himself a test (Ecclesiastes 1,2). The test was to gauge how much he could enjoy the wealth and wisdom bestowed upon Him but even He felt like all was vanity and a striving after wind, there was nothing to be gained under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 2:11). What are the odds that the wisest man that ever lived comes to the realization that all his wisdom is vanity and the fate of the foolish man is the same as the wisest man. Based on this reasons, what should hold us back from giving to The Lord our all. Why do we hold back? Why do our faces suddenly become sullen when asked to give yet God wants to release even more to us? Is it even worth holding on to anything in this temporary life? Why are our minds so fixed on what we want than what God wants? Why are we constantly concerned about our financial image (the flesh) than God’s image in us? Why do we embarrass God and treat Him like a debtor yet He is no debtor to any man?

Give and it shall come back to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. The Lord of Hosts who holds the heavens and the earth and all that is in it surely knows the needs and desires of His children. He only desires that we TRUST Him and Him alone. A trust so deep and immense, that if He stripped away everything, we would still be in  total peace and loyalty to Him because He is worth everything to us.


Love and Light,








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