I thank The Almighty God for yet another opportunity to share on this platform a few of the things God has been teaching  me on this journey of salvation. Walking on this narrow road,  is just as scripture describes it, tough! But when we look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, then it is well with us.

I dedicate this post to My Father,  My Lord Jesus Christ who has been so patient with me especially this week, when so much was not making sense to me. When for the first time, in a long time, i felt alone. With so many people around me, i felt alone. I know and actually believe that so many people in this world, could be in the very same shoes, feeling like there lives have come to a standstill, feeling like people are moving forward, but it seems like you’re in the same position you were 3 years ago. Same face, same story line, same shoes, nothing seems to have changed.There could  be someone feeling like The Lord has remembered others and forgotten them. I am the stranger here, saying to you, He has not forgotten. He has NOT forgotten. He is just waiting for the opportune time to show forth.


I have learned from The Lord, in my state of despondency this week. The Lord has taken me through some gruesome experiences to get me to understand that I am not like other people i was comparing myself to and never will i be like them. My experiences and stories may not always resonate with others. My relationship with Him will never be like His and someone else. My encounters with Him won’t necessarily resemble other people’s encounters with Him.

God created each one of us uniquely. Our desires will never be like other people’s desires. God created one me, and one you. *same case applies to twins.* He created us with different DNA’s and Blood groups. He gave everyone different talents and gifts, all to be used for His glory and His glory alone. I am reminded of the parable of the talents in Mathew 25:14-30.

The Master gave each of his servants talents according to ” Their ability”, meaning we all have various abilities and operate on different grace. To one, the master gave 5 talents, to another 3 and to another 1. He expected each to use what He had given Him but the one that received one talent chose to bury it in the ground like a witch instead of using it.

I have learned that  we need to focus on  being thankful for what God has already given us, instead of focusing on what we do not have. Focus on the talent that God has given you, expending it for His glory instead of focusing on the guy with the 5 talents whose using theirs and is well  on the way to receive 5 more for a job well done.

I have learned in maintaining focus on what we do not have or the state of our lives, then we give the enemy a door-way to discourage us and make us believe that God does not care for us, and that He loves others more than He loves you, which is not true. He loves ALL and has no partiality. When we allow ourselves to feel unloved and rejected, then we become inefficient and we become like the One-talent servants, burying our gift of service to God. I use myself as an example, because of allowing this lie, it became so hard to minister. It became difficult to worship and praise God. I was ready to give up on God, which is the ultimate goal of the enemy, to discourage us and get us away from God.


Now, it makes sense why the servant with one talent got cast to outer darkness. It is when we know what we have to do, but we do not pursue it. When God has given us a task to perform but because of our slothfulness, our self- condemnation and our failure to do what He has called us, then souls are lost to the enemy. The blood then is on our hands.

Therefore, let it sink in your minds, that You are not Obama, as much as you would admire Him and all that He has. You are not Hillary Clinton, neither are you Donald Trump. You are the daughter, you are the son of The Most High God, specially crafted and handmade by Him. If you are the 5 talent, be the best 5 talent you can be. If you are the 3 talent, be the best 3 talent you can be, and if you’re the one talent, don’t look down on yourself. The Lord may have given you the one because you need more grace than the 5 Talent servant. Allow God’s will in your life to be done. Do not force your way through, because, you will not succeed. We do not get to tell God how to do things in our lives. It may not be a comfortable process getting there, but in the long-run, it will be for your good. All the same, do not forget to thirst and desire more of Him.. We are assured that He will fill us.  We have to examine ourselves and our faith, to ensure that The Lord we speak of so highly  in the good times,the  same input i will use to speak of Him in the tough times.

Do not be consumed by looking at what God is doing in other people’s lives such that you miss what God is doing in yours.

Let your soul, then find Rest in God and God alone. The Alpha and The Omega. He knows what is best for each of His children.




OwinyJaber. 😉


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