First off, this is not your usual blog post. Neither is it another vlog from one of your home girls,

I just had to say  a few things.. If you will let me. See, Who will continue on? Long after the warfare continues to dawn, after the Lord’s generals have rested with The Lord? See, we have become complacent. So used to being spoon-fed, constantly being led. Lazy David in training.

We are so comfortable dragging the servants of God along in our messes, long after they have taught us the art of overcoming the evil one. We still behave as if the day or the hour will not come.. soon enough, my friend, soon enough.

Who will continue on? See, they tried to drag David along in the battle, but He was too weak to fight. Come on now? how many years had he been in the fight? How many days, weeks, hours together with you Israel? How many wars have you seen him fight and win? How many have you stood in the battle in? Yet you still want to drag your master along?

Why so comfortable? Why so comfortable? Haven’t you fed enough already? Haven’t you eaten the plunder silly? Haven’t you caused enough drama … sorry.. trouble already? First it was you Absalom, then now it is you Joab?

Israel, why are you not learning your lesson? You should be his support and not his downfall. Israel, get off the couch before i slap you silly! Have you not considered the future? Your nursing children will soon be walking, running, leaping! What do you have to show for all your lessons? And for all your muscle?


They have stepped into this ugly, cold world. Look into their eyes…. Take a look into their eyes, Israel as you kiss them goodbye; As you take up your sickle, waving goodbye as He goes. What have you left behind? Who will speak for you Israel?

Did He watch you go into battle with your general David? Did you let him hold the sword with you in the battle? Did he watch you ash your knees in dirt? Did He watch you cry, weep, wail, lie prostrate , crying out to the heavens? Did he watch you clothe yourself in sackcloth and ashes? Israel… did He?

Or did he watch you become a spitting image of the crow. Did he watch hatred and bitterness become your inner core? Israel, did he watch you complain and wallow in the sea of your disdain? Did he watch you open your mouth and watch a bed of roses seamlessly entwine onto the heart of that lowly fellow? Or did he see those words crush him into the lowliest of widows?

See, Israel your words, your thoughts, your actions. The future is watching. The future is not watching the bible. You are the canvass that they wait on as it unravels. Who holds the brush Israel? or do you paint yourself? Is that even humanly possible? Have you stepped out of the Great painter’s hand? Is he still interested in you Israel? or has he began another project? because he projects there is…. no future, no hope in you Israel. Have you asked yourself if that is indeed the state? What about him whom you said your goodbyes to? when you held your sickle, thinking it will only be a few. I’ll be back soon.


I REALLY need to go now…. by the way this emanated from 2nd Samuel 21:15-22. Who will take over from you? A generation comes after you. Will they find you still attempting to find your footing; tip toeing here and there? Will they find you solid. A real genuine reflection of the Christ that you serve. His imminent nature already ingrained. Maybe with a little scarring? But then again,  what’s wrong with scars? The Lord bears them to this day. When you hold your little one in your hands, and as he peers intently into your knowing eyes. As he looks at your beautiful scars almost bemused, your smile will assure him that it was all worthwhile.


Love and Light



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Hello… *waves hysterically* and thanks for taking the time to read this post. 🙂 . I pray you will be encouraged and lifted in your Spirit.

It’s been a while since i poured out my thoughts on this forum.  Well, The Lord has been given me deep revelation reading the story of David from 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel, but before i do, let me give you a short run through. It’s amazing this man David! The Lord prepared Him for Kingship from the wilderness as he tended to His father’s sheep, where He faced lions and bears. Little did he know the battles that He would face later on in His life. As time goes on, we see The Lord dealing pruning him and dealing with his character, all in a bid to prepare him to take the position of Kingship over Israel and Judah. Was it easy? Not by any means. He faced many back stabs, insults and curses from the very people He was leading and even from His own family as Absalom his son overthrew him in Chapter 15 of 2nd Samuel after showing him kindness.

The battles we face earlier on in our lives are God’s actual training ground for the battles that we will face in the future. Psalms 18:34 says

” He trains my hands for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronze”

Why did David say these words? Because of the fire  The Lord allow him to pass through and the many battles He faced in His life, He could now steadily stand and fight in the battles that came along his way. Question is, How many are willing to allow The Lord take them through the training? Because God’s ways are not our ways and yet again He uses yielded and willing hearts. There’s no experience that God allows in our lives which is not for our good in the long run. One thing that is certain is that God’s training steadies our feet for the battle. We cannot be shaken, therefore lets yearn to have a teachable spirit like David’s and willingness to go through it with our Lord as Captain of our lives for His glory.


Now, i shall delve into the topic…. 🙂

This emanated from reading 2nd Samuel 18. Absalom, David’s son in Chapters 15-17 had overthrown his father David with the help of Ahithopel, one of David’s right hand men. The word says that Ahithopel’s counsel was ever considered as if The Lord himself had spoken. 2nd Samuel 16:23 .This just goes to tell you how David genuinely trusted this man.

Word had come that Absalom had been cornered and of course David as King gave orders that Absalom should be captured but not a finger laid on him. Joab,on the other hand,being the leader of the army feigned heeding to the instructions, seizing the opportunity to kill Absalom soon after.

David’s reaction was appalling to me. Knowing the character of David from times past, case in point, his encounter with Nabal (1st Samuel 25). David was a man who acted in the spur of the moment. It took Nabal’s wife Abigail through the supernatural intervention of God to calm him. I do not ignore the fact that Nabal was no better either and deserved the hell that was about to rain on him. However in 2nd Samuel 18, we see a refined David. We see a man with a heart of flesh and a heart that could break before The Lord and people.The Lord had tamed his steel-like nature.David was changed. Anyone would expect Him to go after Joab and orchestrate his death but far from it. Even after Joab flouted the clear instruction of King David and confronted King David in 2nd Samuel 19:1-8, David did not do a thing to him!

What had changed in David? What did The Lord do in His life, because it was clear that something incredulous had occurred in his life. By what strength was he able to love his enemies and even weep for them that pursued his life?

The Real Test that you love is your ability to love the unlovable.

Is not this a representation of the love of Jesus Christ for man-kind. The kind of sacrificial love that Jesus Christ displayed on the cross for His persecutors, mockers and the lost. Agape love… That’s what it is called. A self-less love that forgave the worst of the worst, loved the unlovables and touched the untouchables. The love that caused him to face the worst perecution ever known, yet all the while aware, that they might never love or acknowledge Him as Lord. The kind of love that dragged Him to the ugly pits of Sheol, to take back the keys of our salvation from the devil himself. The King of Kings.. royalty. The one who deserved to adorned in royal robes,and feet laden with golden sandles, saddled himself with the filth of our sins on his back. He left his glory for a wretch like you and me.

Joab said to David :

” …………….You have today covered  with shame the faces of all your servants, who have this day saved your life and the lives of your sons and daughters and the lives of your wives and your concubines because you have loved those who hate you and hate those who love you..” – 2nd Samuel 19:5-6

Because David refused to go with the norm. What is the norm? Hate your enemies, love them that are good to you. The norm is the pharisaic belief that an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Sad to say that is the current situation of humanity’s hearts. Bitterness and unforgiveness is the order. There is no place for love. At least not the Jesus kind of love. People want to love only them that are good to them; they want to love them that get them nice gifts. But how about the drug-dealer in the corner? Doesn’t he deserve love too? I write this not because it is a walk in the park, but to challenge me and you to think about the love of Christ. Because he loved, we are. Because He loves, we can.



“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be the sons of your father in heaven. For He makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust..” -Mathew 5:44-45

All too familiar words that our Lord Jesus gave us, almost too easy to read and internalize until presented with an actual situation where you have to apply those words. You see, that’s the test. The word is not just mere words but a code that God gave us to live by, knowing that we would encounter the situations presented therein. As long as your Christian, testing is a must.

The world has become cold. The love of many has grown cold and hatred has snowballed to magnanimous proportions. There is no differentiation between the church and the people in the world, because the church has forgotten to love. The Church has forgotten their first love. The Joabs’ of the world are having a field day propagating hate and death while the Davids’ either have cowered opting for silence or have been silenced.




Because you have loved them, you will face criticism and tribulation. But then again, who do you stand accountable to? You can choose to heed to the call; to stand out and let God use you, or be miserable with hate churning in your heart;or you can choose love and be free. A heart that is able to love someone else, is a heart that is free.

Take the bold move and choose to love because your Savior has loved them.


Finally, to let the point sink deeper, Listen to the song called Others by Israel Houghton.

Love and Light,


Miss OwinyJaber.