I speak to Mary, graced with dark hues of glory, i speak to Mary who hides herself in the bossom of emptiness, believing that is her destiny . The essence of she is womanhood. Womanhood goes beyond breasts and curves. Others might love to think so but I beg to differ. Womanhood is more than just painted nails and designer handbags. Womanhood is the glory on our heads, the kindness in our voices. it is about the love in our arms when we hug others. When we let  others feel the love beating in our chests.

I am saying to you Mary, we are about the smiles on our faces. You bring light and joy when you enter the room, clear evidence that Christ has made you his humble abode. There is a grace about you Mary. A grace that cannot be precisely described but it’s all over you. It is an unreserved glory. It is a grace that I haven’t seen on other women. You must be the bride that Solomon was talking about. You cannot be compared to others, wouldn’t that be a disgrace?


Mary, you have a way with your words. So careful and meticulous. Words so carefully crafted as if with vivid intention to create a lasting impression on the recipient. Young or old, your words are laced with a concoction so aromatic, even the least of them begs to hear. Words laced with profound wisdom. Sitting at the highest places in the town, your influence is well known, nothing gory to the details, but the impact of your words to the lives of the people around is worth taking note.


Charm is deceptive but a woman that fears The Lord is to be praised. This golden cloth you adorn yourself so beautifully. I genuinely cannot help but keep on staring and looking. The glory of The Lord upon you is so enticing, so attractive. I cannot help but commend God because such a worthy vessel you are that He chose to use you to represent his glory here in this dark earth. Your worth Mary is far more precious than rubies.You have taken your seat amongst the rarest of gems The Lord has ever created. You sit with the highest of the highest, yet you treat the lowest of the lowest even much more highly. Daily, we read of you. We hear of you. Nothing gory to the detail, all things bright and beautiful.

Mary, your beauty cannot be explained. Even as you carry along with that beauty resting on your insides. Well covered up on the outside but then again, you cannot hide. As you subconsciously seek to conceal him, all a matter of motherly instinct. A tongue twisting episode you have come to, though i know troubling. How is it, yet you know no man? I’m just speaking as an outsider, no experience to my name. But I ask myself. amidst all the chaos, are you knowing or merely oblivious of the one you carry within you? Have you chosen to be ignorant of the disposition of the being that you are about to bring forth into this world?


Have you considered his shape or frame? Maybe she will carry your nose or your dainty thin fingers; i don’t know Mary, but have you considered it? Do you know the strength of your loved one, his countenance. I tend to think He will be strong-willed, very patient and loving.  I believe He will have a beautiful mind, a strong heart, quiet spirit and wisdom that surpasses Solomon. Maybe more.. but i think i am close.

As you stare at your reflection in the mirror, the imminent kicking of your little one resounding through your abdomen, tell me Mary have you considered what He will be? A professor, an engineer, a musician? Maybe the President. What was your request to the King when you met Him? Others have asked that their sons sit on the right and on the left of Him. Some considered it indignant but don’t we have the liberty to ask the King for anything we desire when He specifically says.. “Ask and it shall be given?”

Do not be surprised by my sentiments Mary , neither carry yourself defensive but if we serve The King, we must embrace him and his embodiments.  Have you then asked The King whom you carry? In your inner portions lie a progeny whose beating heart resonates to yours.


Because I have heard that it was told of old, in hush whispers, He would be the living water. He would be a never ending stream of refreshing open to one and all , only if you would care to take a sip. Your life would never be the same. I heard he would be the Savior of the universe. He would be the liberator to the captives. Yes, even to the last generation, i heard that his name would resound. His Spirit would be poured out to all flesh. Daughters and sons would speak in unknown languages and speak of mysteries only heaven’s walls would care to know.

I heard that his name would be the truth. That in his veins would course embers of honesty and plain truth. His lips would be filled with wisdom that surpassed that of age. His eyes would be fiery, peeking right through the dirty window panes of our souls.Many will try to paint him but have yet to achieve his likeness.


But then Mary, did you know, the nails that would be driven in his hands? The horror of his scarification, all for the sake of humanity. Did you know, that you would not recognize Him? His death would symbolize the beginning of life for them that believe. Yes, his friend Judas, will be his betrayer but he too would receive his just reward. He is a reckless romantic, one who just cannot be held. Not even your loving arms Mary can suffice. His greatness, his love cannot be fitted. It bursts forth and through barriers and barricades, sweeping over  and through everything in its way.

I just pray you do, before you are overtaken.  Before time slips through your chips fingers.

Love and Sunshine




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