Hello lovelies!!! I am fully aware that this post has seemingly been long -drawn- out but here- we are!!! This sunshine on a popsicle has been going through various life changes from working out my salvation, gaining new wings and moving out of home, trying out the ketogenic diet, etc. Big flop by the way but I still laugh at myself and pick myself up from time to time.. but that is another story for another day.

Recently, I ventured into the fashion scene. (Claps for Self).  This was a God-move,  very much encouraged to pursue and which was a passion of mine growing up in the nineties in Nairobi and a complete trajectory from my legal roots however not abandoned. I was always keen on the latest fashion trends and always felt extra rocking pieces that were yet to be “new arrivals”. The passion has since turned into a business and walking boots in tow. Welcome into my world as I share JESUS, My journey , discoveries, lessons, stories and experiences with you. I am so Excited.

How about you sit down, grab yourself a hot mug of caffeine and Let me tell you the story of Africa..

Africa for a long time has been considered a continent plagued with corruption, contests and obstacle. She has been tainted and marred with numerous accusations of how unworthy she was. A continent painted black recognized as “melanin”, humans demeaned to animals who needed to be tamed by its owners. The colonizer, He was named. The African was not sure what to make of Him so the indigenous people populated across her chest coined various titles for Him. In my country Kenya, they called Him “Mzungu”. Why the name? Because all He was known for is “Kuzunguka”(wanderer).

The colonizer was recognized as the emblem of inhumanity to the dark continent. Till today, His ills and evils are remembered far and wide. Tales and horrors of his reign are still told. History reports him because many till today bear the scars of the terrors past.

This dark story holds even today for the nation of Namibia, The tribe of the Herero. Stumbling upon the story of this primordial community, felt like a gusty wind of revelation that there are African nations that have actually healed from the fetters of racial segregation & colonialization and have sought to move forward like the Herero community.

The Herero community like many other tribes, faced great tribulation under the German colony. The colonialists baying for their blood committed atrocities against the Herero tribe including rape and mass executions of children by hanging. History whispers that between the era of 1904-1907, 70% of the Herero tribe had been annihilated and neared extinction.

I have come to learn that history can either be good where memories linger but hope remains or bad, where History is a caldera of pain; and this unfortunately is so for many African countries who are yet to find true healing and forgiveness.

Fortunately, this is not the case for the Herero tribe of Namibia. The Herero took the shackles of their imprisonment and made silver articles for jewelry. They took the garments of their oppressors and the widespread tyrannical rule ; drawing inspiration for their day to day dress. They chose to maneuver through the psychological distress and pain, forging on as they reclaimed their identity as Namibia.

The dress has become emblematic of their persona and heritage; and it is not surprising to find the old adorning themselves in the dress and the young women hankering after the opportunity to bedizen themselves in the one of a kind herero attire which is a rite of passage.

The dress is an immaculate vision of the Victorian style of the 1930’s with the puffy sleeves and A-line shaped skirt. However, modern Namibian fashion designers are modernizing the dress with the “new generation woman” in mind. Designers are opting for flamboyant fabrics and out of the box designs yet still paying homage to the dress. The herero attire is not limited to the ladies, but also the men have embraced the norm.

Beyond the carry-on of the dress and its symbolism, I believe  this African story is a lesson to us to see past the veil or better yet, remove it and re-write a new story of hope. Veils of turmoil and hardship that have scourged the African continent for decades. Veils that have lingered in the hearts of the people of Africa who still remember to this day. The day and age is ripe. It is time to forgive them.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.. Before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5


Forever Love and Light




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