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Hello lovelies…

As I promised, Here I am actualizing!!!! Today’s post is going to be a tad personal. Like I said in  my last post HEALING IN THE PROVERBIAL DRESS! Check it out and let’s get sharing!!

This week I have been caught up in the wind and fierce courage of my thoughts and after mastering both, I came up with this post. It was not an easy one to come by because I was relying heavily on my daily inspiration. I have had tough lessons on trusting in God but I guess It fell between the cracks, that even for “inconsequential” things like blog  content, Trusting in Him does matter. He is a jealous God. I fear Him.

Life is a roller coaster. It could be beautiful, it could be ugly but then it depends on which side life affects you; With Christ or without Him. The beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder depending on whose Image we see in ourselves.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetThe eye is an expressive mechanism in my opinion. Why? Because despite being a simple organ, it speaks volumes. The eye can express disgust for the fickleness or the harsh, disrelishing smell of coffee(not true by the way) or smile at the smell of the soil on an earthy day. The eye can shower In it’s waters when the heart chooses to brim with gladness or when discomfited solitude overtakes the soul.

The eye is a simple organ that can cause hurt or pain. I believe for the female gender, the truth of this could be overbearing. I am not too sure of the women in the Western countries, I would rather tread on my African roots to elucidate this fact. To be honest, I think eye-rolling originated in Africa. Being born and raised in diverse African cultures where the woman’s strength was disregarded, it is not rare to find women with a “twisted almost petrifying” kind of strength. But isn’t it the story of many women? Situations of life and experiences during their mushrooming have sadistically destroyed their ability to love and be ‘lady-like” and it could be worse.  I have been blessed and fortunate to find healing in the hands of a man and woman who carry God because I was once that woman. Sources of healing remain various, I have come to learn that God has the choice where yours is.


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Do not procrastinate. Do not be ignorant. Time flies quicker over the wings of a barn stormer  parallel to the eagle. Keep your eyes open rather than shut. Do not be afraid to ask. Lessons can be taught even by the nuisance of a five year-old. Ask The Lord to open the eyes of your heart; with the physical eye, it’s way easier to miss something. Ask The Lord to open the eyes of your heart, because depth of relationship with Him only exists in the secret place. Moreover, there’s still so much that you just DON’T know.

Rise early and retire later. Reflect on the past, the present and future but do not linger there too long. ACT on your dreams and be determined to be better than yesterday. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. (My  sister once passionately shared with me). I forgot but today I remembered and that’s fine. Learn to believe you will be alright. Learn to say that you will be up to scratch even when it does not feel like today. Faith is a gentle activator of God’s blessings hidden in the wings of The Holy Spirit, hidden yet so easily accessible. All that Is required is asking; Once activated, it feels like sweet honey comb on your tongue. It feels so GOOD!!

Learn to open your eyes to the endless possibilities floating around. The Lord actually disseminates ideas. Do not be stuck up on your office job or whatever comfort zone. See FAR…

See your beauty in the mirror. Look at your flaws and revel In the beauty of them. Those are the elements that make you ever unique, and no one can make them manifest better than you.

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Open your eyes!! Keep your head up and shoulders straight. Allow The Glory of Christ to reflect off your visage. Let your countenance be seen by them who do not believe, that even they could reconsider their election as to why they did not believe from the beginning. Pull that light from under your bed and place it by your bedside. Better yet carry it in your hands so that the creatures of the earth could see your Why. One day, they will thank you. Even if they don’t, It’s okay. In the libraries of heaven, your full names have been perpetually embossed.

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Laugh and sparkle like the alluring fire-fly!No matter how much they try to shut their perspective, they will have to see what He is doing in your life. The light will shine brighter even with their eyes closed.


Always Love and Light




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